Fell in love with Zanzibar man - Marrying and starting business

This year I spent my holidays in Tanzania. When staying on Zanzibar, I met some guy and fall in love with him. I wanna be with him, but don't know how.

I was searching for job, but no luck. Then I was thinking about renting some house and then renting rooms to tourists. But if I don't have working permission, I can't work.

I think I can solve this, if we get married ... Can I come to Tanzania with ordinary visa, get married and then stay there?

Its a problem, because I don't have lot of money (just something to start small business) and he is really poor. He asked about some bungalows, but thats like - pay 1000 to owner, then you can manage it. But I don't think this is the right way. What about taxes and so?

How is with medical insurance?
Tanks everyone for answer

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Dearest Gabby,

I am really sorry but I have no nice way to answer you but I did feel compelled to do so.

You should be running away girl! It's widely known that you will be stripped of anything monetary wise you might have and not feel loved back. Cheated on and believe me Zanzibar is NOT the place you want to get stranded on without money and eventually this so called dream man!

Please DO NOT give up your current life or job! I have many friends who are still living there (I used to) who will confirm the same. Please girl there is no real love to be found there! It's only about today and the money you will get robbed of for that day.

I am really sorry to tell you this but there are just too many woman and girls from all over the globe whom has fallen for this and eventually ended up with absolute nothing! If you as an Expat try to operate a business or work without correct permits you will not only be closed but also red flagged, which you will not be able to do anything in Zanzibar for 10 years.

Please trust me and reconsider very carefully.
Much regards and stay safe!

Hi u can rent room in shared house but are u sure u are doing this just for the sake of love.be careful to make your calculation right. Life is all about plans not dream ..are both of u same religion..

Dear Gabby,

I totally agree with weruchka.

There is no love. Its all about money and deception. Unless you have some plans that you want to use the guy to get residency. But believe me that wont be as easy as you think.

Hi Gabby,

I would not like to disappoint your plans and feelings but think twice of what you want to do before real steps!
Like what everyone else tried explaining before just a free advice before you end up with an empty pocket I bage you not to quit your lovely carrier because what you experienced during holidays isn´t the true life of all days.
Visit Zanzibar more times for holidays, get to know more your friend, country and culture. Try finding other foreigners and get informations on how things are workiing  in Znz before regreting then after some years you can make up your mind.

All the best for your decision...........

People from zanzibar they dont have problem, good people and they will give you support, i know them because i am here and also i have passport of zanzibar

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