Opening a new business in Arusha

Hie everybody...I am planning on moving to Arusha in November this year and i would like to know more about opening a small business there e.g a boutique, cafe, restaurant,  etc. What is the process and how do i go about it?


If you are a Tanzanian ...its very simple for you.

For a non-Tanzanian:  Its not easy to get work permit for small investments like you mentioned. If you are chinese ..... for some unknown reason you might succeed with ease. Probably the government has liberal approach to chinese. But I know expats running restaurant in dar es salaam. But these days, the new government is very strict on issuing permit unlike before. 

In order to start any business you need a company registered first which will cost you $1000 plus. You need a TIN no, VAT no. You also need a EFD machine which would cost you another $400 and LOCATION ADDRESS where your business will be located. Any tax consultant can get this done for you for a service fee. The whole process will take 2 to 3 weeks

An "A" Class permit would cost you $4000 plus. If you employ expats .... permit of each, "B" Class , would cost you $3000 plus. These permits are valid for 2 years. To apply this you have to approach labor office first and once they approve you have to approach immigration office.  The whole process will take 2 to any no of months.

Big investments ($ 300,000 or $450,000) are to go through Tanzania Investment Center (TIC). By which your company can buy property in Tanzania and TIC will take care of you company registration and work permits.

Any questions .....shoot it here... Good luck!!

Thank you for answering most of my questions. It seems Tanzania has become much more difficult for us expats.

Is the process to start a business still the same in 2019

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