In a nutshell, Please, Give me your best small business ideas?

Hi there,

Precisely and concisely, If you have around 10000-15000 Euros, What would be your best small business ideas to invest this amount in? Or what a small project would you suggest?

Thankfully, I don’t have any debt, car loans nor mortgages.

I know that 10-15K is a very small amount of capital to start a business, But can I start anything beneficial with them?

Let's avoid and exclude the suggestions of stock exchange and the interests of the banks. So, What other options do you have in mind?

I would greatly appreciate your valuable thoughts and I am looking forward to hearing from you !

Hello Alexq,

Welcome to! :)

Wish you all the best in your search.


Hi, you can try the e commerce. You can start very small.
Now you can sell crazy stuff on internet, not only cloths, shoes, washing machines....
I saw one selling by ecommerce fresh water aquarium fishes, all kind of personalized products, .....
You can start with a small amount, and you can work from home.

Open a KFC lol or a nanodos

You'd need more than 10000-15000 Euros for a KFC franchise. ;)

Seriously though, buy a van and become a 'man with a van' for hire and dabble in courier work etc.

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