Intern Salary URGENT

hey everyone,
Planning to move to NYC for 18 months, I a mnegotiating a salary wit a US company wo wants to pay me 1,200$...
I went to NY three times but unfortunately, I am not really aware of the living u think it is enough...If no, what should I demand minimum...?

thanks for the advice!

Mary K

I'm not in NY but I think 1.200 is a bit tight for such a big city...

1200.00 a month? is not nearly enough money to live on unless you were living in Mexico.
Based on the amount you will be paid, you will be making 7.50 per hour - you should be making 1200 per week just to survive in NYC. Rent per month will run you any wheres from 1200 to 3200 per month depending on where you live.

i was thinking about Brooklyn...cheaper..
some says that it is possible, actually got a friend who's a trainee for tom ford and she earns 1,200 a is tight but aparently she's dealing with it...

this is tought cuz i don't wanna let this pass me by..

What compny are  you going to work for? what will you be doging for this company.

Event planner organizing medical congress all around US...
i'll be able to discover San antonio, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco... FUN!