IT jobs in New York for Singaporeans

I am a Singaporean and would like to venture out to New York as the first country to explore on job opportunities. I have 10 yrs of IT job experience and currently working as Database Manager in one of the American International schools. In learning of the american culture in this school, the interest to explore more of the country became more and thought the idea to relocate to New York would be a good move.

However, I would like to know how to find IT jobs in New York especially being a Singaporean. Any advice or tips that can guide me through?

I also have a family here and would like to bring all of them with me if I got a job in New York.

Hope that there will be someone out there to give advice and also links to get any jobs in New York.

Hi aslinda_19,

Welcome to! :)

I suggest you to download the US expat guide.

I wish you good luck

hi aslinda_19,
am singaporean myself, moved to ny last summer. had to relocate due to husband's job. lived in istanbul, turkey for 12 years before ny. re. getting a job in ny, you have to get a local company here to sponsor your visa.