Recherche un Sponsor


I'm looking for a job in tourism, but I need a sponsorship. Now I got a visa J1 but I need to change it for to work in USA.
So does someone got an idea or contacts, please?



Hi Laura! I've moved the topic on the New York forum, english version.
Good luck in your research!

Thank you Christine !

I am Tarek, Algerian origine. I am US permanent resident and live in Florida. Why don't you try in here
would like to get acquainted with you


Tarek, could you please stop posting copy'n'paste messages? (next time we'll moderate)

Julien, this is not of your concern. I didn't breach terms and conditions



I do not think it wise, to talk like such on the forum. Julien is the founder of this forum, and he asked you gently  not to copy-paste message on different forums - [Copy- paste] same message, implies flooding, and you can be banned for such attitude.

Regards :)
Wish you a nice day further


I replied to lora1486. Nothing wrong of what i wrote, and my reply to her was so polite even though it was a copy-paste but still didn't breach terms and conditons which was agreed and signed in this site. There was no offence on my side, and julien must not interfere.


Hi guys I just read your messages. what did you do Tarek? ''copy and paste" ?! i dont get  Anyway, so do you think in Florida there is more opportunities for me? where...which company? can you help me?