I want to move to in NY!!!!

Hi everyone...I am from Spain and I am trying to move to NY. I completed my Bachelor degree in the USA (Iowa Wesleyan College) 3+ years ago. Once I finished I come back to Spain and I have been working as Java/J2EE/Vignette Developer since then. I am trying to move back to NY but it is difficult to find a job from Spain. Can anybody help me? Do you know any job-hunter which work with internationals? What should I do? I have been applying to tons of jobs throw career web sites, but I do not get any feedback.

Thanks for everything.

Welcome to the forum jamyo9

While waiting for other members to bring their input, you can have a look at the Find a job in USA page. There are some information and links which might help you in your career search.

Let me seize this opportunity to wish you good luck in your career search.


good link, thanks

I'm thinking about moving to NYC too. i work as a web site developer at web development service for now, and I always thought that for developers is really easy to find a job, I thought you even don't have to know English perfectly - the most important language you should know is the language you are coding at.

Wow, one more person in the  tech field who seems to not have heard of Google! One can google the intended location and type of job, or for employment sites etc. This is much more likely to bring results then expecting to find a job over this site.

you could choose to search online for the job websites and then think of applying as there is better chances of getting jobs

Might have been fairly doable 12 years ago, but the housing prices are through the roof in NY right now. Goes for pretty much everywhere on either coast in the U.S.

I notice there was a more than eight-year gap

between posts on this thread.

But, heck, everybody needs to visit or live

in New York.  The topic is evergreen.

The Big Apple is a bucket-list fixture

for folks worldwide.

So as someone who grew up 40 miles north

of New York City .. and lived and worked

in Manhattan for over ten years (back

when prices were relatively affordable),

what can I suggest?

-- First off, New York is the Apple, but a

huge percentage of the people who live,

work or play there do not live in

the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn,

the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island.

Many of them commute to the city.

Before my decade living in Manhattan,

I commuted daily by train from

northern Westchester County

during college summers ..

for jobs at Time Magazine, WABC Radio

and ABC News.

Commuting into the city takes time and

energy, but is a more affordable solution

than paying thousands of dollars a

month for a Manhattan pad.

-- Indeed.com was my primary go-to

source for employment in the aughts

through 2012.  Your mileage may vary.

-- Commuting to the city is not

necessarily a five-days-a-week

deal in the current 'época'.

One can work remotely, theoretically,

from anywhere in the Tri-State Area ..

and visit Manhattan for events,

contacts and opportunities

as desired.