Moving to New york


for a while now I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life, I have a wife, and a child on the way... currently I live in Dubai, but frankly don't see much future here and I'm wondering how life on the outside would be.

New York .. is my destination of preference and I'm looking into how I'd manage to get me and my wife and the baby out of Dubai, into New York City to start a new life.

I know I'm just like everyone else in this world, trying to achieve success, with little under my shoulders.

I have several years of experience in graphic design but frankly need to get out of the media industry. and I want to start something new. The problem is, all my life I have moved around, and I have not finished school really ... secondary without certificate, and no degree in whatever way. Not a good way to start off I know. But I believe in the possibility of achieving something without all that...

I'm not really after someone who'd "save my life" here or offer me a job... to be honest I'm just seeking advice from people who might have gone through the same and might be able to help me a bit.

I hope you guys can! I'm close to my limits.. and I'm hoping for a hand =)

Best for 2010 to all of you!


Hi Alex,
New York is a great place to live, buzzing city and full of exciting people and cultures.
Not sure what career options you are looking at but there are a lot of filmmakers - actors / directors / producers / writers, if that takes your fancy.
Otherwise i would just have a look around the job/forum sites in New York like craigslist. One thing New York is great for is networking, only thing to worry about i would think is getting a working visa, with the economy right now a lot of US citizens are out of a job so it would be difficult for them to give good reason for hiring a non-US citizen.
Hope that helps.
Best wishes,

Hi Alex,
I agree with Pinter101.  There are a lot of networking opportunities and NY is a place where you can be anything you want.  That said, NY is also one of the hardest cities to live in.  I love NY (am a native), but it's one tough city.  I don't say this to discourage you, just to make you aware that it's not so easy to live here.  Having a baby or small child in NYC can be quite a challenge as well - taking your baby on the subway, going up & down stairs with strollers...but there are tons of activities for both mom & baby to do.  If you don't want to live in Manhattan, there are several other neighborhoods in Brooklyn & Queens that I would recommend.  Park Slope, Brooklyn is one neighborhood known for lots of 30-something couples with children.
I'm sure you will do just fine wherever you go.  I agree that looking for a job before moving might be the smartest move.  I'm sure you will be able to find something, even if it's not want you initially want.  And then you can take your time looking into a more permanent job that you love.
Good luck!