Work in new york

I'm from Madrid (Spain), I'm 25 years old and my dream since childhood has been living in New York.
This month, from 20th till 24th of august I'm gonna visit my dreamed city, and I would like to meet people who could help me to find any job there.
I really know that in this moment the situation is very difficult for find it, but I wish it a lot, so I will do anything necessary.
I have studied Bussines Administration Degree, and I have 4 years of experience (2 as auditor in Ernst&Young and 2 as Financial Controller).
If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it a lot!!

Hi LUISMA! I suggest you to have a look at these two articles :  Visas in the USA and Work in the USA, there are lots of info and useful links.

Good luck!

Thank you very much Christine!!

I'm new in this blog, so I appreciate your help!!

Hi! My name's Anna and i live in greece studying electrical engineering in Athens. I want to move to New York and seek for a better job opportunity.Unfortunetely, the situation in my country is difficult for young people. I would like to ask how many hours New Yorkers work everyday? which is the average income? is it a safe place to start a family and settle??  thank you!

Hey Anna , Im Greek as well , den tha sou milisw ellinika gia na katalavainoun kai oi alloi , how old are you ? are you planning on leaving your studies to move over to New York ? Feel free to send me an e-mail . I can give you pretty much any kind of information about the City cuz im a New Yorker :P hope to hear from you

hi, im new to this blog as well, i'm currenlty living and working in manila but i really would like to move to a new country and expereince life outside my country..I wonder if anyone can help me about looking for a job in US..i do work for a financial company here so maybe i can use my experience..thank you and hi to everyone.

Hello Dixycraft!

Welcome to Expat-Blog! :)

Check out New York classifieds. You could even post an advert (Category- Jobs).