Hi, I need Help !

dear friends,

I need help

I am offered a job at Addax Petroleum in Abidjan.
how is this company ?
Anyone from this forum know about this company. ?
how is Abidjan to live there with a family ?

law and order situation ?
education for children ?

is there any Indian or any Pakistani or any other from Asian country ?

Please give me as much as possible.

thanks a lot to all of you and thanks to this forum people who are helping others.

wish you all the best..

Go online and do your homework thats what I am doing with Saudi Arabia you will find a lot of good info.  Ask the computer questions like how is the living with family in Abidjan and keep asking questions you should get a lot of answers.

I was offered a job from the same company - administration manager.  I also saw another post on this forum on this blog saying that she was also offered the same exact position as I was.  I sincerely believe this is a scam.  google = addax petroleum job scam. 

I suspected something wrong when I first went to see their website.  It is very unprofesional, all the photos are stock photos, and so many typos.  Even the email from "Lucky" has petroleum spelled with an "N".  When I got the contract - I saw mention of brand names - Sony Vaio, 2011 Mitsibushi - who does that? 

Sorry,  I was so happy when I got the job offer because I have been unemployed for over a year.

hi jayjayl.

thanks for your really valuable comments and information. I agreed with all your points what u mentioned ?  would you please mind to tell me finally what happened ,,, did u go there for an interview or how that story ended up ?

Is there anybody else , who can give us some more information on this company

here is the details what he sent in his email

Addax Petroleum Cote d'Ivoire Ltd
website: adpetrol.com

waiting for your help guys .... thanks


If I were you, I would stick with the known devil as the unknown devil could be an absolute nightmare - could be an utter rip off etc.


I received a job offer without an interview from Addax Petroleum as Operation Manager... Of course I declined their offer...I feel that its a scam.

Wil David, USA

Well, good for you that you smelt the scam.

Who would offer you a job without an interview nowadays as the market is full of people looking to move on in life.