New in Abidjan from Miami, Florida USA

I'm Desron or De, I just relocated to Abidjan from Miami, Florida a couple weeks ago. I am in the process of looking for employment anywhere in Africa but I'm not having any luck right now. Would anyone have tips that would be helpful to me when it comes to finding employment in the food and beverage industry here in Abidjan or neighboring areas. I have my Bachelors in food and beverage management and great work experience. The only thing is that I don't speak French. Thank you in advance for your words.


Desron Samuels

Hello Desron Samuels.

Welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Abidjan section. It can help.

Good luck in your research,

Welcome to Ivory Coast and I think you'll get a job in very short time. First thing I can help you to do is to speek french but I also want to speak english firly so you know what you have to do. Thanks. Answer me back.


are you still in abidjan?

Try the American restaurant Norima, i think they were looking for someone.