Is it worth going back to Abidjan ?

Hello everyone

I am Ivorian born in Paris and now living in London.

I have had the project to go and live permanently in the Ivory Coast.

has anyone here done that ? leaving the stability of Europe for Africa.

I go to Abidjan every year sometimes several times a year and lived there for 4/5 consecutive years but despite that the thought of going back there  to work is quite daunting.
I have several times tried  to set up a business in Abidjan and would love to seriously give it a try very soon.

I would love some testimonial.

Thank you so much Sanna  for replying.

I am indeed Ivorian as well as my husband.

I am really tempted to go and live there but he is not that convinced....

I might need several travels bacj home to really make up my mind.

it is especially the employemeny situation that is a worry of mine

Hi iam writing to you because i think we have the same dream and worries at the same time. Me too iam ivorian, and this 5 years i really want to go back and settle there. I go every year on holidays for 6 or 8 weeks. And i know i can definitely lived there , my children too but my only problem will be business or work which wiil be able to support us.
I read that you have lived there for 4/5 consecutive years, that is brilliant , me since i moved to london in 2001 the longest i have stayed in this contry is 8 weeks. Now my questions are Did you have children? if yes how many? because iam a mum of 4, and it is the children school fees which is my first problem.
I have tried like you to set business but people don,t look after them as i want.
I will really appreciate if we can stay in touch and in case you moved first if you can inform me and guide about school and everything.


Hello Gemma

Yes I have lived there when I was younger and just like you I am going back every year.

I have 2 children aged 2 and 4 and they RRALLY enjoy  going there but just like you again finding the money to put them in a good school is a worry of mine.

The problem in the Ivory coast like in many African countries is to have a stable and secured source of revenue.

I also want to start a business there but wil have to be there for at least 6 months to a year. There is no one you can trust to look after your business and your money. Sad but true.

Let's stay in touch
I will send you my email.

Thanks for replying.

don't you think it's a bit harsh to say ther is no one you can trust .