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Hello all my name is Richard. I've been communicating with a a lady from Abidjan for bout two yrs now. We have become close n now she has asked me to loved there. I just wondering wht is the possibility of an American finding work there? She has told me bout the area she lives in n showed me photos of her home n they all look nice. Hope to hear back all your opinions. Thank you

Best you do an online search to see if there is work for you. There are visa requirements so check out the government immigration website too.

Hello Richard.

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What is your profession?

Thank you,

Thank you for the welcome. Well as of now I drive here wht we call a straight truck doing deliveries. Been doing that for bout 6years now. Before tht I worked an ran a shipping n receiving department for a company, as also worked in the parts room ordering material an supplies whne needed to be order.

Thank you I planned on that n will do that on checking on the visa that I need

see my friend am sorry i will like to find out if  it's a boy or a girl bcoz sometime's men here art ask i women to get money from someone if you like i can fine out that for you gave me her number and i will get back to u  soon

Thnx I've talked to her on the phone n we have video chatted. I seen u just joined today?? I'm thinking bout it. Ok msn

ok i wait

i suggest you look for a job before moving, maybe your friend can help you.

well.....the number one advice i give everyone who want to move outside of their country to another country is make sure you are Financially, Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally ready!

Be Financially ready because if your leaving your job to come settle here and expect to get a quick job in a few days well don't get to comfortable because getting a decent and well paid job here depends on who you know and what you will offer.

Be Mentally ready because you have to know how to deal with people of different backgrounds. everyone do not have the same mindset, what you see can be seen totally different to someone other. you have to know how to handle everyone differently in a respectful way. Also try to learn the country's main language =-)

Be Physically ready meaning it will be easy for you to get sick since your moving to a different country they call the 3rd world and yes Malaria is dangerous, aghhhh i hate it, the first time i had it, it felt like i was going to die. Thank god i know now how to protect myself ^_^

and be Emotionally ready because YES at times you will get homesick and you would want to leave ASAP lol some people get upset over the little things like the heat doing the months of January and February, and other things like the language difference and food difference But all that do not matter, because what really matter is you getting something started and investing and making your way up to the Top!

So my Second and most important advice is always stay Optimistic! never give up and look forward to a happier future for you and your generations to come.

P.S. be careful in meeting strangers you know nothing about, some people do anything to get what they are aiming for.