Amazing Malta Boat Party 3rd September Is Here!

Hi Expats!

For those interested I have organized this amazing
Boat Party Blast. It is open for everyone! It is a good way to meet up!

Be there - at 6.15pm - 6.30pm (7pm we depart)
Location - Sliema Ferry (near captain morgan)
Dress Code - bikinis, swim wear (get extra clothes as it gets cold by night)
What to bring - Your Personality, Your Enthusiasm & Your Camera

Let the FUN Begin!

Watch Our Info. Video -

Those interested should send me an email on [email protected] and I will contact them back for the tickets.


Gordon Attard

classifieds ?

If it's a commercial event yes, it should be posted in the classifieds > events

it's an " event", a members' gathering, it's welcome on the forum ;)

Will you be cooking there???  yum

Sirry guts for late reply but we had a blast on the boat. lucyanya no I wasn't cooking dear, I was jumping like a kid in the beautiful sea :)