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Anyone in Malta interested in setting up a GAA club? Start off with some football and depending on interest expand to hurling. 15 people would have one team and 30 would have a lot of fun. Pitch and coach already available if it comes to fruitition

what is a a GAA club?

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is an Irish and international amateur sporting and cultural organisation, focused primarily on promoting Gaelic games. Hurling,  camogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders.

Hi there,

I think it's a great idea! Any update on the GAA Malta?

Any luck with setting up the club? Just moved over here and I'm very interested in all things GAA. Brought some hurls too if anyone fancies a puc around sometime

Hi, did anything ever come of your GAA club. I'm newly arrived. Would be interested. If it hasn't been set up yet i'd be interested in helping it get off the ground. I do realise this post is from a year ago but sure worth a try

No didn't get much interest so decided not to go ahead with it

Would it be worth even trying to get 10 together on a small pitch and have a kick about. I know at least 3 others who would be interested.

And the university is full of Irish students on Erasmus. If you could get them on board youd be on to a winner.

If you can find a few others I'd definitely be interested. I'll ask a few friends again

Would be interested as well and probably could get a few more to come along

Hey @tman88. I'm definitely still interested. Getting it off the ground is the hard thing.

Would love to get involved in this

Did anything ever come of this? Just moved over last week, brought my boots on the off chance there was some football out here


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