About Office Representation in Thailand


I'm a software engeener, looking for go to live in Thailand with my thai girlfriend , but i wish to continue working remotely for my spanish customers (i have a very little company). I know that there are not in Thailand a legal situation for a foreing freelancer worker.

For that i contacted with a very kind spanish lawyer that is living and working in Bangkok, he recommend me that i can do a legal 'Representation Office' of my company in Thailand. I understand conditions about that advice, about capital to invest in Thailand, about contract at least one thai citizen, and that is not permitted to invoice to Thai companies from that Representation Office, and other conditions. I trusth with him.

Only my question is about: somebody  had experience about a Representation Office?

It's really easy, confortable situation?

Thanks in advance!

Hola Jospezbv, my name is Raul, español, for a long time, I have been studying all the possibilities to live more than 183 days a year in Thailand, I have never found any valid, I think it is a very good idea  that of the Spanish lawyer (I would very much like to be able to contact him).  In my opinion There is a very important problem, because if you stay more than 18 days per year in Thailand, you automatically become a Thai tax resident personally for all worldwide income, with a taxation of around 30%.  I'm planning to move to the north-east soon, if you're interested we can keep in touch.


Perfecto Raul, podemos contactar en privado


Hey Josep!

There might be a different option for you.

Have you heard about EOR companies?

If you are a software engineer and even have a little company I think you are eligible for a sponsored Business Visa from a BOI company who will also give you an official Work Permit meaning you will also legally be working and paying taxes in Thailand. They will handle all tax matters for you and provide with the papers you need to show your local authority to avoid double taxation. The whole process usually takes around 3-4 weeks.  I will send you an DM but of course please feel free to ask anything if you have more questions. Greetings from Chiang Mai.