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Can you get VA medical in Thailand

This is a great question. I am unaware of an actual VA clinic in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand. I know there is one in Manilla. I used to work for the VA Medical Center in Indiana. I do know the main hospital in Bangkok has some American employees as I applied ot work at one with the US Army that is a cooperation with that particular hospital. Sorry I cant rememebr the name as I would have to go back and find a record of my federal application.  Anyhow I have pretty much the same question as you do as I am a disabled veteran and also wondering about any type of services that may be available to us.

If I find out anything I will post it and share it with you.




Are the qualifying requirements the same as in the US

in so far as income? I applied years ago and to qualify

it was nearly the same income level for eligibility for


Forgive me SCBrock. I am a little unsure of what you actually mean by your question. Do you mean qualifying requirements to get VA disability? Or to simply get treament at a VA facility? If it is the latter then you must be a veteran and have a disability rating to obtain treatment at a VA facility or clinic.


Foreign Medical Program (FMP). [link under review]

If you have service related conditions then you can get reimbursed for this through FMP. Search VA website for FMP. You have to complete a form on enrollment and then send it to them. Instruction and phone number are on the FMP website. They will give you a certificate of your "service connected" disabilities that they will reimburse. It takes about one month to get the certificate. Again, only service connected rated disabilities. In the US a lot of vets/retirees are 100% and they are covered for everything, even things that are were not documented as service connect. Not overseas! You are only covered and  can only get reimbursed for "service connected" that has been vetted by the FMP. Aslo, only FDA approved meds will be reimbursed. So, if you do see a doctor overseas tell him to check the FDA Chart to injure the meds are FDA Approved or you will be paying out of pocket. If you have Tricare for retired Military then you can contact Tricare Overseas and register with them before you travel overseas. They have a portal you have to upload all your docs to get reimbursed. Contact them or go on their website. Tircare is not FMP they are two different agencies. To get reimbursed through the FMP you must complete their forms and attached supporting docs and email it to the main office in the US. They don't have a portal like Tricare. You must call or email them to get things processed. They will cut you a check only. It takes about 3 to 4 month to get reimbursed. Yes, it's bull shit. They do not have any electronic reimbursement set up. They only cut you a physical check and will send it to your address on record. They do this to make it difficult. It is to easy to set up electronic reimbursement within the FMP, so its apparent they don't want to deal with veterans overseas. Many veterans have been writing congress to have the VA fix the FMP system and to change the rules so that all 100% disabled veterans get all their medical needs cared for even those that are not service connected. But so far after 15 to 20 years no body gives a shit! A note on C&P Exam. They use to hve a doctor who was also registed with the VA in the US working in Bangkok who actually did a few C&P Exams. Also, about 10 years ago the VA did do a re-valuation on several veterans that were already 100% to try to knock down there rating and they were successful with one member out of around 10 I belief who got a letter for re-evaluation. These were all old guys that were 100% P&T. So, you are subject to recall of C&P for up to 20 years. Also, the VFW in Chiangmai (CM) had a system down to where the hospitals in CM would bill directly to the VA and do all the paper work with the help of the VFW service office (volunteer) in CM. It worked well for a while until the members would claim items that were not on the FMP Certificate and the hospital would get screwed so Bangkok Hospital and RAM Hospital in CM said no more. To much Bull Shit abuse by the members who refused to pay and claimed things that were not on the FMP Certicate screwed it up for everyone. So, now you are on your own with FMP. You pay up front and then wait 4 months or longer to get a get from the FMP office in the US. I would recommending self insure or buy medical insurance in Thailand from Pacific Cross or other companies. Make sure you read the Exclusion page. They never give you this so ask for it and you will find that they really don't cover shit!

Foreign Medical Program (FMP)

For eligible Veterans living or traveling abroad, VA offers medical services through the Foreign Medical Program (FMP). Through this program, FMP will pay for health care services, medications, and durable medical equipment for service-connected conditions and conditions associated with and held to be aggravating a service-connected condition. VA may authorize foreign medical services for any condition if you are participating in the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Title 38, U.S. Code, Chapter 31).

Enrolling in FMP is simple. Fill out the FMP Registration Form (VA Form 10-7959f-1) and send to VHA Office of Integrated Veteran Care. (Fillable PDFs can be completed online, saved and printed.)

FMP Registration Form (VA Form 10-7959f-1)

You may also send your full name, mailing address, address of residence (including country), and VA claim number to the VHA Office of Integrated Veteran Care.

To enroll in FMP, mail your information to:

VHA Office of Integrated Veteran Care

Foreign Medical Program (FMP)

P.O. Box 469061

Denver, CO 80246-9061

FMP will confirm your service-connected disabilities and send you a benefits authorization letter, which outlines the medical conditions we cover. For more information about the program, you can call toll-free number listed below.

Foreign Medical Program Office: 877-345-8179.

Should Veterans with VA-rated, service-connected disabilities register with FMP prior to traveling abroad?

Veterans with a service-connected disability who are simply traveling abroad do not need to notify FMP. Veterans who are permanently relocating to a country under the FMP's jurisdiction are encouraged to notify VHA IVC upon establishing a permanent foreign mailing address.

Are VA-furnished medications available under FMP?

Due to the international restrictions associated with the shipment of prescription drugs, FMP does not offer a pharmacy mailout program. Physicians should only prescribe medications that are legally available within the Veteran's country of residence and are accepted by VA and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Are FMP-eligible Veterans restricted to specific health care providers?

Although Veterans may select medical providers of their choice, we recommend–but do not require–that providers have the ability to produce their medical documentation and billing statements in English. Medical documentation from a health care provider must either be in English or in the original language. Documentation submitted to FMP in the original language will be sent for translation and may delay claims processing. Regardless of language, all documentation and billing statements must be legible.

Does FMP authorization cover required health care services while the Veteran is visiting in the United States?

No. FMP authorizations are limited to health care services obtained in foreign countries only. Should services be required while in the United States, the Veteran should contact the nearest VA health care facility. Visit the VA Facility Locator page to find your local VA health care facility.


Thanks for this great write up travelerusa40!

Yeah I have to agree it is better just to get a policy for coverege while overseas. Personally I dont believe they will ever fix this with the VA FMP. I have trouble even getting reimborsed in the USA but I am not 100% rated.

thanks again for the information!




I don't believe it's true that you need a disability to

qualify for VA care. Maybe the rules in this country

are different but I don't have a disability and for one

year I qualified because my income was low.

I was told that there are income limits to qualify for

the care and they are pretty much the same limits

as to qualify for medicaid.

I mainly used the facility in Cheyenne


I think you are correct. I qualified when I was in college and had a low income at the time. My apologies.

Thanks for the correction.




No worries, always more to learn.

Using the VA over here is new to me


It is what I really like about this forum.