Recognition of foreign qualifications in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Thailand? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Thailand or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Yes my Business degree from Queensland University was recognised. My ability to get a teaching position has been easier than I first thought. I enjoy doing this job and helping Thai people get more experience with English

Dear Priscilla,

My qualifications are ranging from field of Engineering to Management and Law. My Degrees are from India, Canada, Australia, Scotland and the UK.

In Thailand certain professions are only reserved for inhabitants such as you cannot practice Civil Engineering or Law  etc. , the list is published by the Ministry and you need to verify about your occupation.

If a local or an MNC employs you then there is no requirement to get any certificates or pass any test, however your educational certificate(s) must have authenticities duly attested from Authorized ministry from your country


Kedar C

Since I was a teacher in America, I have all the teaching credentials required.  I've had several teaching jobs in Thailand and didn't like any of them.  The Thai teachers were noticeably unfriendly, the students were only there because they had to be and weren't really interested in learning English.  The pay was one-eighth of what I earned in America.  Thankfully, I am retired and get a pension so when it got to be too uncomfortable for me, I am able to tell them "Thank you very much- but No Thank You."

I am on retirement visa. Don't work sorry

Dear Priscilla,

Yes, My qualification is B.E Mechanical Engineering from India. I am working as production engineer at Indian based company in Thailand since 2011. My qualification is not yet recognized and i am looking for new job in Thailand becz i am living very comfortable here. I would appreciate our expat members to update me if you have any suitable job opening for me.


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Last year I was applying for a post with a volunteer entity. I was requested to provide copy's of my credentials, which I did. The entity simply accepted them and included them in my file for whatever future need there might be, such as with immigration.

So, personally, I've have no problem with credentials. However, as was previously stated, many positions can not be held by Farangs irrespective of any credential. Unfortunately that also includes at last one credentialed profession that Thailand does not even have in country.

That brings to mind a sad situation, at least in my mind. There are many retiree's in Thailand that would love to volunteer and contribute to the well being of Thailand. And yet immigration looks at volunteering as work and will not allow retiree's to contribute to Thailand.

You need a Work Permit to do volunteer work in Thailand.

Yes you need a work permit to do volunteer work in Thailand and it can be pure hell going through the process, especially the first year. I know, I have been going through the first year process since August. For one it is expensive and two, among other things, one needs to report to immigration every 30 days and file written reports and pictures per the volunteer activity. With the changes in immigration last October immigration seems to think that volunteering needs extraordinary supervision.

Interesting question, and one that I believe is important for those considering Thailand for work.
In a nutshell No.
I have a diverse background. in several trades/professions.
and although I attended 8 years of Night school along with two separate Apprenticeships, Those credentials have never been required  for what I do now.
My Business in Thailand has NEVER been working for someone else, or working for a Thai Company, so there has never been any need to provide  my education history, as a qualifier.  Which is what a Thai Business must do (in order to Hire an EXPAT , working under a Non-Immigrant "B"  VISA).
What must be understood, is that the Thai are very protective of their business, almost Ruthless. (And I say that with a great deal of respect)
Most every business, that I have encountered , will not share with you their sources.
They will however, send out an employee, to purchase an Item you are seeking, bring it back, and sell it to you for a few Baht difference in price!
Having owned and managed a small factory, this was at first quite frustrating, then became "handy" as I no longer had to spend time resourcing components or services for our needs.
From the Legal/ Bureaucratic standpoint, it is much the same. Even Lawyers, hire out specialists for putting document "packets" together for presentation (and swift approval) of Business registration or Work Permit Applications, often for a simple flat rate.
Trying to do these on your own, even with a Thai Partner, can be quite challenging.
I run an Import/Export business as well.
The Credentials required to satisfy the "Known Shipper" requirements for Thailand, are similar to those for Import and Export in America, but must be Established with the use of Thai Registered Shipping Agents. (It is the same in America, and for every individual port that you serve, or use)
I look forward to seeing some of the other replies.
Mostly, I believe we all just want to Live, and make Thailand our Home, but still have a means of producing income.
I know that in My experience, Having a NON-Competing  product or Service is Paramount.
As I mentioned, The Local Thai Business men and women, are very protective, especially when an Expat is in play.


I completely agree with the above posting about Thailand protecting it's own workforce. First of all it's normal for any country to protect it's job market. Secondly Thailand has experienced at least 100 years of "outside" influence on it's country, even if the influence is a benefit to Thailand. Plus there is the Thai way. It is riddled with complications, which I don't always agree with, but it's a system that works for Thailand. When the time is right they can pick and choose what works best for them.

I heard a story awhile back. A man from England visited the king of Thailand. The man from England introduced the concept of western "silverware". He introduced the fork, spoon, and knife. Historically all Asian countries considered themselves poor. So when it came to meat they cut the meat into small pieces to stretch the meat. This concept seemed to reach up to the level of the king of Thailand. When the king of Thailand was presented with the concept of a knife, he said "What for, our meat is cut small". Today a large spoon and fork are provided. I asked my Thai friend why she ate with the spoon instead of the fork. She said that she gets more food with the spoon! Such is the way of Thailand. I need to watch the King and I, again.

No, I was never asked for my qualifications and never had to give them. It was just routine teaching and journalism. No qualifications required.

Q. Were your professional qualifications recognised in Thailand? A. You mean acting like a walking ATM? Why yes, lol.