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Private messaging I think should be addressed also, in co-relation at already-made and answered topics.

i was just asking for a link to a thread on visas that covers every possible visum but you send me here ? not very helpful, so in fact its like figure it out yourself ? rtfm ?

Hello ixs,

In fact you were given two links, this one for you to understand the code of conduct on the Thailand forum and the other one to give you all the necessary information about visas.

Hope the other link will work best for you.



sorry for that, you're right, i just cant seem to find any info on how to get a permanent residence as in nationalisation or passport

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hi. The reason you can not find any Information about becoming a Thai citizen is simply because You Can not become one unless you were born in Thailand or have  a Thai parent!  Except in very rare circumstances that require long term stay in Thailand and lots of money! only about 50 people per year are accepted, and there is a rigorous interview process in Thai!

Yes...we in the west are so used to taking people from everywhere else we assume they will be excited to take us as well......of course they aren't. In fact it seems nobody really is...

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