Im a Ladyboy and looking for a Job.


I am a lady-boy and i am looking for a jobs: par time,freelance,permanent,contractual etc.

I am planning to travel to Thailand and would love to save money for my travel back packing journey id like to earn a descent income during my stay in Thailand and if anyone can help me, recommend or has available job for me please contact me. any kind of job but only a descent one. from maid to office assistant i am open for anything. maybe if there is a good offer i would likely consider staying there for a year or two, if you need my CV please drop your email in my inbox so i could forward to you.

Thank you and God bless!


One issue you're likely to face is immigration and their attitude to foreigners working without the correct documentation.
Local members might well be able to offer more detailed advice on this possible issue to guide you.

Hello fRED,

thank you for the heads up! i dont specify any work as long as it pays me it will help me sustaining my basic needs and fund my travel for the next target country i wanted to go back packing. or if i could have a good opportunity i would likely consider staying there.  yes i know getting a working permit will surely give me a hard time. but im still hopeful, looking forward to get one somehow.