Guide me through to obtain the Professional Engineering Licence(civil)

Hello Everyone, My name is Ashish Srivastava. I'm 30 years old male from India. I'm planning to move to Thailand after this Pandemic is over.

I joined this group a few days ago and looking for someone who can guide me through to obtain the Professional Engineering Licence (civil) required to work in Thailand.

I'm looking for a job for my Profile in any part of Thailand and if anyone can help me or guide me through it , then it would be so nice.

The Politeness of Thai People (Thainess as they call it) really attracts me and it the main reason that is driving me to relocate there. Reply if you feel like. Thanks

Ashish Srivastava

Hi Ashish Srivastava,

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For job opportunities, i invite you to post an ad in the jobs in Thailand section and to go through the Living in Thailand guide.


Priscilla Team  :cheers:

Hello Mr. Srivastava,

My answer may not be in favor of what you're looking for, but I want you to know the situation and make a plan accordingly, I don't want to give you false hopes.

Under the current situation, everyone is moving towards Southeast Asia in search of opportunities. Unfortunately, only a few are successful.

Regarding Engineering License:

Thai government issue engineering license as “Sor Yor” or “Wor Yor” (Title names in the Thai Language). The exam and interview will be in the local language only (Thai). As Thailand is moving towards ASEAN integration, they formed the engineering council to standardize the engineering license. Its office is located in Singapore. They issue a license only to engineers from ASEAN countries. Kindly take a look at this website (    

Fortunately, the current Indian government is working to fill the gap (sudden change in foreign policy after 2014). First, get yourself registered as a professional engineer in India ( This organization has signed an accord known as the “Bangkok Accord” to make cross country operations. Check the above mentioned link for further details.

Demands were made by Thai engineers to ban foreigner engineers in Thailand ( … foreigners). There are various criteria every company has to meet in case of hiring a non-Thai citizen. For example:
1.    The company should have an investment prescribed by the Thai government or they have to acquire special permission from BOI.
2.    The company needs to employ 5-10 Thai workers for every non-Thai worker.
3.    A foreigner employed has to be paid a minimum monthly salary specified by Labor Ministry.
4.    Paperwork to get the work permit is getting harder especially.

Still, foreigners are hired in Thailand despite the above factors.

All the best