Having an online freelance job

Hello everyone,

I am an expat in Thailand working for a Thai company with a work permit for that company. I consider getting a freelance job online from an international company, with probably several payments per month but with considerably very low amount each time.

My question is, am I legally allowed to do this? If I can, how does it work with taxes?

Not a lawyer but I am a Canadian and have been in Thailand for 2 years now (actually 1 & 1/2 since I went back to Canada twice, both times for about 3 months, and am  working online for a company registered in Canadian. I have been on a Tourist visa, and education visa, and a marriage visa during this time and for the marriage visa I had to show proof of income, which I did via an 'Embassy' letter stating my employer & salary, and when I was being interviewed for the visa they asked about my employment as well, for which I gave them all the details ... they were only concerned with my salary it seemed as they did not have any issues at all about taxes, work permits, etc (not sure if that's standard, but that's my experience with immigration and the marriage visa ... which I did through an agent so I only showed up  when it was absolutely necessary; signing things in person and the face to face  interviews.)

I literally had more issues with my Canadian employer worried about THEIR tax implications having someone working in Thailand than I did with Thai immigration.

Also, I recently heard something about a new 'digital nomad' visa, but I have not looked into that since I am retiring in a couple of months ... I might look into that later if I feel bored and want to tie myself to a work routine again in the future, but at this point I know little to nothing about it ...sounds like the SVT being reopened so a Digital Nomad can legally officially work non-Thai jobs and stay for 9 months before having to make a 'border run', but I think it's just a proposal at this point ... my understanding is that normally Digital Nomads come on regular 30 day tourist visas, do the maximum renewal process (twice I believe) and then do a border run to get a new 90 day tourist cycle, but if I understand correctly they are only allowing that kind of process twice a year, if you want to do another 'border run' in a 1 year period you need to return to your home country and apply at the embassy in that country for a new 30/90 day visa.

hey @Gaulian,
just to be clear
you have a work permit, working for a Thai company
and also want to work for international company, right?

did you found out if it's legal?
if you have to pay any taxes?

thanks man

hi i am in philippines seeking to apply work as a customer service also in sales does anybody knows any company out there who accepts applicant from another country? im bilingual also


It is not really legal as your work permit specifies the employer, job and location

If you want to to be legal you need to expand the work permit and your current employer will know as well as you need their approval

Having said that, there is nothing stopping you from doing that but I would clearly not directly receive payments in Thailand as they would be subject to taxes varying from VAT to Income tax.