Looking forward to move to thailand with NO degree

Hello everyone!,

This is my first post in here, in which I will tell a bit about what Im currently doing, and what my expectations are.
Sorry if the post turns to be a wall!

My name is Francisco, Im 22 (turning 23 this month) living in Argentina - Buenos Aires, working as a mainframe developer for almost 3 years now (will be 3 years next month). Im currently studying to get something like a bachelor's degree in IT at University (just first year of the career. I was studying something before but for some reasons I had to leave it, so I started again this year in another Univer), while working.

I already have read lots of posts here and in other forums saying that working in Thailand without a work permit is illegal (but not imposible). Well, first of all, I dont plan on going to work without a work permit (so I guess that reduces my chances highly).
The question is, since I never read something like "this is the true" but mostly opinions about the subject: do I have any chances to get a work permit and work there as a mainframe developer (not necessarily as mainframe dev, but its my current "area")?
Currently my job is... you know, like many other developer's job: analyse a functional requirement, understand the system (software) and to think what and how should I do in order to complete said requirement with the software given. I work in a team of 4, someone supervising me, and some new guy who I give support or help understanding our software. The other is like the "team supervisor".
I have read that getting a work permit in this country to work in something like that (IT industry) isnt that easy without a degree... maybe as difficult as getting a "green card". But is there any real possibilities or chances, no matter how minimum are they (and how should I look for those jobs? here, glassdor, a direct contact, etc)?

About me and why specifically Thailand...
Well, Im just attracted to the "essence" of the country... The culture, the food, the people, the weather, the language. As many other persons, Im attracted to that curious and friendly "Land of Smiles". I have been in Bangkok, Nakhon ratchasima and Krabi last year (only two weeks), and planning on going in February 4 weeks this time.
I met someone there (a story like many others, you know), and went with her to her hometown (Nakhon ratchasima) to visit her family... There I saw something you dont see that much In Bangkok, you know, the rural life; which wasn't something never seen by me (I lived in rural areas in my country several years), but that is nice to see (you know, not the typical "going to night bars in Pattaya"). Then I saw Bangkok, you know, the "big city", and the beautiful beach at Krabi (and the presence of Muslims). So I got a (limited and little) taste of what's the Thai culture is. I say limited and little because, well, it was.
But I liked it, so I decided to go back once again, this time in February 2020. Im planning on going to Maha Sarakham this time, and also to Khon kaen, and some other places of Isan (maybe even going some days to Laos, but not sure)

So, now you know a little about me, my situation and my limited experience in Thailand, but which I wont forget for a long time.

I'm really curious about reading experiences about going there and working without a degree in IT industry (preferably, since each industry works differently (I think)) in a company (not as a freelancer). I dont think there's a lot right there, and didnt find many googling them, but still have hope.

Well, that was a nice text-wall 😅.
If you read all of this, well, I owe you a big thanks!


So I am retiring there in Jan 2020 , married with family so a slightly different situation , but am an IT MF programmer for 20 years , I am not likely to look for work but will fall back on my other skills to stay busy , like home made hot sauce and pickles and such as well as fixing small projects for the family , nothing really employable, but I also fell in love with the culture and people and live in Saraburi a nice quiet place far from so much of the tourist industry, yes I have been around Thailand, Hua Hin, Pucket, Kph Samui, BKK, zKorat, Chang Rai, Lopburi, Ayutattaya, and own a house with my wife and extended family.

My advise is , don't come to Thailand without a degree.
You will not get a work-permit without it. You may get a job but end up with a low paid position and working illegally.
Finish your degree and then come here.

TheBasqueSurnameGuy wrote:

Hopefully,...you have paid attention to Post #3. :cheers:

I've worked in Thailand for 25 years without a degree and have never worked as a teacher.

Im meanwhile studying at univer, but just started this year. If I get a degree, I will go almost without doubt... but, if there's a chance to get a job by now without a degree and get a work permit (as difficult as may it sounds), I will take it no matter if I graduated or not.

Dont do it. You may be able to get a workpermit and a visa..but i can asure you it is ilegal.
The Need for a Bachelor's Degree to Teach English in Thailand
Officially, for the Ministry of Labour to grant a work permit to a foreign teacher, that person must hold, at minimum, a bachelor's degree in any subject. In the past, some foreign English teachers have managed to secure a work permit with an associate's degree or, in some cases, even a diploma or certificate of completion. Other less scrupulous characters have slipped through with outright fraudulent bachelor's degrees.

The government authorities are becoming increasingly adept at catching the fakes and enforcing the above requirements. However, many people without a bachelors degree still find work at some language schools (albeit without a work permit, which technically makes their employment illegal). Others circumvent the issue (but not the legal dilemma) altogether by arranging to teach private lessons off the books.

wait what? Im a mainframe developer, not an English teacher, and I'm not planning on becoming one.

Also, if I get a work permit... why would be illegal? I dont understand

Not sure about a job as a  mainframe developer but many computer jobs are reserved for Thai people only.
You will still need a work permit and face possible problems without a degree, But as they say in Thailand UpTo  You. Good Luck

Man, I know I will face problems because of no degree. I face them already in my country. And I do know that tech jobs are usually reserved to thai people. Im not saying its easy or I will simply do it, just wanted to know if there's a chance and its legal, or some info like that.

TheBasqueSurnameGuy wrote:

Im meanwhile studying at univer, but just started this year. If I get a degree, I will go almost without doubt... but, if there's a chance to get a job by now without a degree and get a work permit (as difficult as may it sounds), I will take it no matter if I graduated or not.

Do yourself a huge favor,...read Post # 3,...again! Entiendes? :whistle: