Expat Finance for Buying New Vehicle

I thought I would start a new thread on this subject to bring it up to date.


Have Thai wife.
Both have good UK income.
Have big deposit.
No Thai income at present, but may have once we've been here over 6 months.
Thai guarantor, maybe.

Best way forward?

I realise there are many mixed views on this subject.

Thanks for any input.

Contact the dealers and hear what you need to bring to be sure.

I got a loan last year with no problem at all.
So many broker contact me/us about the loan.
When you contact a dealer (well in our area) the put your detail in a database for brokers to look at, Then they contact you if they like what the read.

You need some % of what the car total cost, Of you own money on the day you get the car, And who every give you the loan have make sure the dealer have the Check form them all so. That way you pay the 100% for the car, And have the loan at XXXXXXX

The Bank we pick for our loan wanted. (hope i remember it correct)

A income letter from my Embassy.

The last 3 or 6 month (cant remember but it does not matter for me) of my Thai Bank statement to see if i get enough money per month to pay the loan.
Think that more then fair.

Copy of pass port.
Prof of adresses, I use the Yellow Book for that, But a Rent contract can be used all so.

The Car have to be register in the Name of the person that get the loan, All the broker say that to me.

I only bring it up, As so many foreigner here in Thailand, Have Girlfriend or wife That can be upset about this.
Again i think it is fair.

The bank keep the car book (Proof  who own the car) onto I have pay my loan, Again fair to me..

Then it is up to you to make the best deals for you car and loan.
I wait and keep a eye for the car you want to come on promotion, Normal have a lot of free thing in that.

Like 15K-20K-30K discount, Maybe 1 year additional best car insurance, Longer free car service and so on.

All so the bank we got the loan from, Gave us a free month if i was able to pay the first installments on the day we pickup the car, And so on.

Be sure you understand the contract, Or use the few Thai Baht to get it translate to English if you now sure.

Think that a bout it from me.
Hope you find what you looking for.


Very interesting. Thanks for you input. Appreciated.  Who was your loan with?

Hi SiamJazzy,

With good income and big deposit, i will suggest pay full.
Interest is high, personally think if there is a way not to pay interest do skip it.
Straight forward purchase and car goes under your name.


Interest is very low.
I was chock it was so low, Compare to Denmark where i am from.

The Bank we get the loan from is "Thanachart Bank"

Thank you. Appreciated.

My Thai wife and I have just obtained a car loan over 84 months with a 25% deposit at a rate of 1.95%. Chuffed! Who said it can't be done, with the right income overseas, yes you can.

Congrats on the new car loan. That deal sounds very good at only 25% down payment and super low interest rate. Do you mind sharing what bank you went with?

I financed one of our cars by myself. But as a foreigner, it was complicated and the minimal down payment was 50%. I have also a Thai wife, which is the director of the company I am working. Now we use her salary and I transfer every month a certain amount, so she can show the statement to the bank.

We finance with Thanachart now since many years and can now go down to 15% down payment and we get lower rates.

We finance the car, because we change about every 3-4 years and it is easier to see a seconds hand car to a Thai national, when a finance plan already exists.

It's not so much the lender, it's more to do with the dealer you buy from. When in Bangkok, we tried all the main dealers, but only once, and the best we could achieve was to get a Thai guarantor. This we did not want to do. However, the key is not to give up trying other main stream dealers, they are all different.

Arriving in Prachuap Khiri Khan we approached them all again, and the wonderful sales lady at Ford put in the effort and we got the results, which resulted in a meeting with Tisco, and 3 days later we were accepted for the loan. Interesting to note was the fact that had it failed, she had another loan company waiting. She was extremely confident we would get the loan.

So Ford Bangkok, we needed a guarantor, PKK we didn't. Coming from a sales background taught  me to never give up. A no takes you to closer to the yes. I never implied it would be easy, but it's certainly not impossible.  Best of luck. 🚗

Thanks. Good advice. I'm in PKK so that's good to know too.


Hello, Could I ask you for my understanding, did you get the loan with Thai guarantor?

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May I know why you require such information? Do you have similar plans?


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could you please forward the name of the salesperson at the ford dealership

looking to get a cord ranger

thank you

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Just got approved for an MG for no money down without a thai guarantor for my first car here in Thailand. It's true what they say, it's not what you know but who you know.

I have been working here for 2 years and have a consistent but lower than average income as I work for the government school system.

Thinking maybe now after Covid the banks are getting a little better with dealing with expats.

I would just like to mention that you will save a lot of money on buying a new car with 10,000 miles on it then you wouldn't have to pay the luxury tax. Same warranty. We bought 2 Subaru's this way. And we still got 0 % financing.  We don't work , instead we are on a retirement visa, but we only had to show 6 months of retirement income.  And we are in our 70's. It mostly has to do with the car manufacturers they are the ones lending the money.

@thailand4me Interesting as I also like Subaru cars and I am as well on a retirement visa. So how to proceed to find those almost new cars with 10,000 miles on it?

@thailand4me Interesting as I also like Subaru cars and I am as well on a retirement visa. So how to proceed to find those almost new cars with 10,000 miles on it?

Well,where do you normally look for used cars for sale?

@pascaljournee hello, ask the dealerships or call around yourself. Also check out the new/used cars for sale online.  Many cars are bought new and in 6 months they are returned to the dealership because they can't pay the monthly payments. They still have warranties same as new ones.  Good Luck.