Where to buy xanax in thailand??

Hey there.  Im travelling to thailand in a couple of months and wanted to restock on xanax over there.   My doctor told me that a lot of mom and pop pharmacies over there don't care about seeing a prescription and that my american prescription wouldn't even be valid.  Thats great news to me cause i wont have to spend an additional 200$ but all this sounds to good to be true.  Im wondering if my doctor is correct or if he's just outright talking out of his ass lol.  I love my doc by the way.  thanks people! :top:

It IS way too good to be true!  I lived in Ao Nang from last November to April - have been in Chiang Mai ever since.  And I have found xanax (don't need or use it, but have been taking a running poll all year of what you can and cannot get here in Thai pharmacies.) in only one pharmacy in Chiang Mai.  You can also get Valium there - about a dollar a pill for each.  Thailand has very weird laws regarding drugs.  You can get, for example, Lyrica and Tramadol ER without a prescription in any pharmacy that stocks them, which seems to be most.  I suffer from severe chronic pain, and learned that only two out of literally hundreds of pharmacies carry Paracetamol (Tylenol with Codeine) under the counter - otherwise, a prescription is needed.  Nobody even knows what I'm talking about when I ask either for it, or for Vicodin, Norco, Percaset etc. - even in hospitals!  The only decent pain reliever you can get anywhere is Morphine, and only with a prescription - and then only at a Westerner-oriented hospital like Phuket International Hospital or Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.  And they are way expensive, and you'd better have a good reason for wanting them (I brought all my medical records with me from the States.  I hear some hospitals will give you a couple valium or xanax if you are about to fly and can show proof.  In short, you'd better rethink your game plan if you need Xanax - and don't get caught holding very many unless you have proof they are prescribed - or plan to spend some time in one of the lovely prisons here.  Sorry for all the bad news - but believe me I've really done my research.  Wish I'd done it before I got here on a one year work visa!  P.S. - I hear that Lyrica has the side effect of sedating some people - but makes some other people anxious!  Oh - BTW - I've not spent any time in Bankok to speak of, and the grapevine over here says that you might have some luck over there.  I hope you can get what you need, one way or the other.


U should go to bangkok, victory monument (thai name is anusavari) .. there are a lot of pharmacies there. U can find anything and they don't ask prescription.

Wish u luck

I don't have any experience in either buying or travelling with prescription drugs but it might be worth considering how it will work out to take it back into the US.  Just because you can buy it here, which conceivably could be illegal but still practiced, that doesn't mean you can take it there. 

It seems possible it could be the kind of thing that comes up on routine searches there, that they might look for it, and if it's as easy as passing your bags through an x-ray scanner it might not be the kind of thing they use sampling to do.  I suppose it's even possible you could experience problems on the Thai end, leaving the country with drugs, but it seems more likely that would get checked more closely where you are going.

The painkillers i take before got on the Thailand "black list" for medicine in 2012, and therefor i am not able to buy them anymore. Thailand have a list of drugs one can / can´t buy here, i don´t know if that list if for the hospital, Doctor clinic, and Pharmacies only, or if it is public, maybe others here know that ?

Not sure what the rules are in US when traveling with painkillers to Thailand.
Back in 2010 when i go Thailand for holidays and when i move here start 2011, i have somethings best translate (i think) to medicine passport of the strong painkillers i use.
Saying i use that kind, how many mg, how many pr days and so on.
Be a long time since i travel outside Thailand, so maybe the law / rules for that have change ?

arissara wrote:


U should go to bangkok, victory monument (thai name is anusavari) .. there are a lot of pharmacies there. U can find anything and they don't ask prescription.

Wish u luck

thank arissara for ur reply but im wondering when the last time you went to bangkok was?

Would like to buy generic Xanax in Thailand for good price.  Preferably in Pattaya.

the Xanax sold in almost all pharmacies ( esp. in Pattaya ) is a counterfeit placebo - no effect - even if its sold under the counter.

the only way to buy original medicine is to speak to a Thai doctor at a hospital and they will dispense the medication from the hospital's stock / pharmacy.

since a few years the law requires such meds to be dispensed only from hospital pharmacies under a docs prescription.

if the patient has a valid need for such meds then there is no problem in acquiring them from the hospital after consulting a doctor.

in most cases patient with a prescription from abroad and a short explanation of their medical history to a local doctor in enough to access such meds.

This year 2017 March I was staying in Lanai n went in chemist n bought little bandage as had big cut n asked if had painkiller n lady said no but wait u take one these when go bed strip of 10 1mg Alprozam light purple oval n knocked me out n was either 150 or 350 baht and this in along the shoppin road walking away from stalls turn right n on that side of road can't remember how far along,most do blues(Valium/diazepam) but the ones in strips more expensive there worth it apart from one strip u can get that when pop out blister pack like chalk,also if u say need sumfin help sleep there's tablets called deseprial or ask for amotriptiline for sleeping tablets(not sure on spelling but is for insomnia n Amos help sleep they norm offered loose yellow or pink but do the job) painkiller wise tramadol is normally strongest they offer but for best chance of getting anything else or stronger then make ur way out of town n go to chemists that look run bit run down n ask when no1 else is in chemist also take shoes off when go in chemists out of respect n look like u no stranger to chemists,the better Valium u want etc the more expensive they'll be not just in blister packs but boxes aswell n guessing same wiv other meds cheapest will be loose-generic the chemists that look spanking new and very neat is like boots,most others sell sharps but not city or vit c don't buy anyfin off scooter taxis no matter how nice or times c or bug u they have all hidden n bagged up bollocks not wot Ull want n crazy prices n try have u spend more but really for themselves it's all a set up n Bangkok careful they could call police on u but also in Bangkok have a doctors that' opens at 5pm n can do scripts,in koh samio apparently can't get morphine or diamorphine hydrochloride etc without doc script,is this true?

Is there anywhere in Karon, Phuket that sells xanax without a script. I just ran out of my panic attack medicine and forgot to bring my repeat with me. :(

I would go ask a pharmacist. If that doesn't work, go to a clinic and ask a doctor to issue you a prescription. The Thai medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals are among the best in the world. They will take care of your needs.  dcb

I have had some experience with this topic. The easiest way to deal with it is to hook yourself up with a doctor, as a primary care physician. A typical appointment cost 100 baht. Once you establish that relationship it will eliminate a lot of confusion and complications. As been alluded to, one should exercise responsibility and care with medication. Some Farrangs become cowboys and may experience some adversity, up to death.

Cheers David i managed to get some at a pharmacy near me. Slept like a baby last night. And feel quite balanced today. Now to tuck into those lady finger bananas! 😊

Glad to read that all is A-OK, eh!   Dave from Canada/Thailand.  dcb

hey im going to Bangkok in march and need xanax for a bad panic disorder but don't actually have a prescription. Is there anywhere around Bangkok i can still buy xanax or do you think I would be ok bringing my own in my suitcase? Cheers for any help in advance

From my understanding Zanax is available in Thailand, only from a doctor - perhaps at a hospital. There may be some street doctors who will prescribe and sell in the office but by Thai standards it is considered a very addictive drug. As such the medical community is reluctant to prescribe the drug. I do not believe that any typical pharmacy will sell over the counter. Just some personal observations.

OK thanks for the reply. Do you think it would be safe to bring some in my suitcase or would it be searched by customs? I never had any problem bringing them in my suitcase anywhere else in Europe but im not sure what Thailand is like.


It's definitely safe to bring along in your suitcase.  Just to confirm that you definitely can only get this through doctors' prescription.  Note that most hospitals now carry generic form but I still think the origin tab works better.

I have bought Zanax in Thailand, more then once. It has never been a placebo and is the real thing. I have also bought codeine based drugs, prescribed by a doctor, and they too have been the real thing.

They don't usually recognize the trade name from your country. Xanax is Alprazolam; ask for that.

I would like to add a word of caution. This is a public forum and available to anyone, including law enforcement anywhere. I personally noticed that one of my posts was available free standing and not in association with this blog.

That being the case one might want to use caution when discussing this subject in such an open forum. Just a thought, no one wants to have any blowback from trying to help someone.

Hi Alec,

Just came across your post on here..... I know it's been awhile since this was posted but I'm here now in Karin Beach and thought it might be easier to ask you if you remember which pharmacy in Karon Beach you got your meds from rather than going to a 100 pharmacies... ha.
I normally get them from Koh Samui where my family live but am not traveling g there this time.
I'm only staying in Karon Beach.
Any help (if you remember of course) would be appreciated.
Perhaps a landmark or what shop the pharmacy was next to exedra might give me a small area to work with rather than riding my scooter to Patong :)

@buddhaland im in Thailand right now for anyone in trouble that needs xanax or Valium, asked a few family pharmacies and they all sold it again, just the prices have gone up since the old days, they cost around 1000thb for ten of either

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