Looking for affordable hospital at Pattaya or urology clinic ?

Hi, could you recommend me a good hospital cheaper than Bangkok hospital or may be a urology clinic ? I need to see a urologist doctor because i think i have some kidney stones.

Thanks in advance

Pattaya International Hospital.


Dear OP,

           Please try the Chonburi government hospital, they do have a urologist and seem to be quite knowledgeable and professional and they're not that pricey, but they have to cover a lot of patients on daily basis.

  Another alternative would be https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/en/doctors/

   Best of luck finding the right place!

The best option is to make an appointment at the Thai Naval Hospital to see the Urologist on
a Thursday.  The Doctor practices the rest of the week at Bangkok Hospital.  It is difficult to
arrange an appointment.


do you mean sattahip hospital urologist ?

I don't know about Sattahip hospital but I've been to Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital (very near Sattahip) and had an appointment with the Gi doctor (same guy from Pattaya Memorial), saved about 400 baht (but it's 37 kilometers from Pattaya, so if you don't have a car it's a real hassle to get there, I had a friend take me) also it's the only hospital other than BPH that has a MRi machine in the area, but was told there is a 1-2 months wait for an appointment. The government hospitals are for Thai citizens like Banglamung Hospital Pattaya (which is a nightmare and you can end up waiting all day to see a doctor) and Queen Sirikit (don't know about Sattahip) and most have changed their pricing policy and charge private hospital prices for Farangs. My friend went to Pattaya City hospital and they quoted him 100,000 baht for simple hernia surgery the same price as Pattaya Memorial which charges almost as much as BPH. The only difference may be the room cost if you have an extended stay. Personally I would not want to spend multiple nights in a common open ward with multiple patients to save a few baht/dollars (At my age now 64 and with multiple health issues I want the best care possible here, I don't waste my time trying to save money on medical in Thailand my health is more important and always go to BHP).
When I lived in Bangkok I went to an excellent non-profit private hospital which charged much less and did not discriminate against Farangs, but that was 2009 the last time I was there, you can google it: Camillian hospital classified as a general large hospital, Sukhumwit 55 Rd. (Thonglor), 10 minutes from Sukhumvit intersection.

Queen sirikit is satahip navy hospital.

Camillan has nothing of a non profit hospital, it's just a standard private.

Only St Louis hospital in Silom is a non profit.

I've been to both of these hospitals, lived in Thailand going on 13 years lived in Bangkok 2 years, I don't know what the previous poster is talking about, a simple Google search and Google maps research validates my previous post as well as the fact I have real life experience and I've been to 11 different hospitals in Thailand.

and the guy who doesn't even know that Queen sirikit hospital is Sathahip navy hospital keep talking...

real life experience ! a real champion yes !


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