Health Insurance in Thailand

Updated 2009-08-18 07:49

Many times your employer will offer health insurance as part of your compensation. The first school I worked at did not offer health insurance, and I didn’t bother to get any since I never get sick and I also had a good amount of savings as a backup. That may not be a good strategy for you, though, so make your own decision about whether you want coverage and for how much. My second employer did offer some basic health care coverage for emergencies, and that did offer some peace of mind. It did not, however, cover maternity costs, so all my prenatal visits and the birth were out of pocket.

If you sign up for an international health insurance policy, they will cover you for all countries EXCEPT the United States. So if you're an American and you are planning a trip back home for Christmas, know that you will not be covered for health insurance when you step off that plane. You will need to plan accordingly. If you sign up for domestic insurance good for Thailand only, you might need to purchase a travel insurance policy if you plan to holiday in another country, Vietnam, for example.

When shopping for your policy, take a close look at what premiums you can afford and pay special attention to the exclusions list and pre existing conditions that are not accepted. You must be completely honest about your health history when filling out your application to avoid any denied claims later on. It might even be wise to have a full physical exam prior to applying as testament to your word. Most insurance companies have an online application
that you can fill out and you can get a quote rather quickly, making it easy to comparison shop for which company best fits your needs.

For your search, this thread posted in the Thai Visa Forum should be quite helpful for
determining which health insurance option would be best for you:
Expat Health Insurance, Who do you use?

BUPA Thailand Bangkok Office Tel: 02'234'7755
BUPA is one of the more popular health insurance companies that expats choose. Some have
complained that the premiums are too expensive, but that is for each individual to
determine. However, the claims process after a stay in hospital has been reported to be very

Thai Health Insurance'¦Intensive Care Tel: 02'642'3100

Thai Visa Comprehensive Insurance Program
Available to Thai Visa online members, so far the reports have been very positive. Car,
home, motorcycle and life insurance are offered as well.

AIA Thailand Tel: 02'637'9999 EXT. 2902

EInsure Thailand Tel: 02'959'4824 or 081'927'0829
Expat Tony Dabbs and his Thai wife, who is a licensed insurance broker, help you to find the
best rate.

World Nomads
If you need travel insurance, Australia's World Nomads has been recommended. One of my female expat acquaintances here in Bangkok has used them for years and they were good when she needed to make a claim. They also offer policies for when you are working overseas for up to two years.

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