Medical examination report for admission in Thai University

I was applying in a thai university and they ask for "Medical examination " .
University have no performa /sample for "Medical examination" and not replying to my emails.
Is there anyone who apply to any university and provide "Medical examination" ?
Anyone have sample Medical examination report?
any help would be appreciated

Best way is to ask them, or you should find details in their website, for example I have found the details below for an institute located in Bangkok :

Medical Certificate
A successful applicant must submit a duly completed Certificate of Physical and Mental Fitness from a qualified physician written in English. The medical certificate must include a chest x-ray examination. Any medical handicap as well as all previous serious illnesses or operations must be indicated in the Medical Certificate. It is particularly important that the Institute is informed if such handicap could affect the study at AIT. Those who have made false statements or who have concealed medical information of any kind are liable for payment of related medical expenses.