Getting prescription medications

My husband and I are looking into moving to Thailand next year.
My husband is on quite a bit of medication and I just wondered does anyone get medication sent over from the uk or do you buy locally or buy online, I'm not quite sure what us the best option.

Thank you in advance 😀

Hi, i lived in Thailand for a few years , im diabetic and was able to buy ,, metaformin , statins , perindopril ,quite cheaply , However they would not give me insulin.  One pharmacy would but not the brand im used to , If you are posting from uk , use a courier such as DHL rather than royalmail, . Packages often go missing .  Also put a very low valuation on customs declaration as you will be subject to vat and import duties.   I hope this helps .

It does Terry, thank you so much 😊

If his medicine is not on the prohibited list, There is a good chance he can get everything here in Thailand.

When i first come here in 2011, The brand for my medicine i got back home in Denmark cost a arm and a leg. He he
So i contact my Danish Doctor and ask, Any problem change to a brand made in Thailand / Other Asian countrys ?

And Of cause not, As long as what i take (same dose) is the same as before, Then who make it dont matter.
My Danish Doctor told me to go to a hospital and get a Doctor there to advice me on what Thai / Asian brand to use.

But Again, Ask his Doctor at home, And use a "Real" Doctor from a hospital here in Thailand to advise him.

If you want to be sure if any of his medicine is on the prohibited list, Contact the Thai Embassy near you, If the friendly like the one in Denmark, Then he can find out.
Have a few friend come here, I got to check with the Embassy in Denmark before come, And got the help needed.


PS: And never buy the medicine in Thailand from hospitals, As it is overprice, Go to a pharmacy, You might have to shop around a little bit to find one.

Really great info, thank you so much 😊