Radilogic Technologist (radiographer) jobs in Thailand.

I am looking for a hospital/clinic here in Thailand who employs radiologic technologist job. I tried to apply online to some of the international hospitals here such as Bangkok Hospital but they asking if I have thai license which I don't have.

I am a registered radiologic technologist in the Philippines and in Dubai.

Dear OP,

           As a registered radiologic technologist, it might be easier to find a position as a radiographer.

   To land such a job at an international hospital, you'd have to have some very special knowledge, hospitals usually prefer Thai employees.

       Please have a look here: http://www.thehealthjob.com/search/jobs … _-thailand

   Here are some jobs in Singapore: https://www.recruit.net/job/radiographe … E5D20FA324

   Best of luck finding a suitable position!