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A lot of people travel to Thailand once and stay for years. Because of this, the country is home to a large expat community. A lot of expats living here have jobs and businesses, form communities, and settle in for the long term.

This is why it's perfectly possible that after some time in Thailand, you might consider starting a family here.

If you plan to have a baby in Thailand, you will find that the country is well-equipped for offering proper care and facilities for both pregnancy and delivery.

Pregnancy packages in Thailand

Most hospitals in Thailand, and especially private hospitals, will offer future parents the so-called "pregnancy packages". These packages combine a set of services from prenatal care to delivery and postnatal care and are offered at a set price.

Purchasing a "pregnancy package" is often more cost-efficient than paying for each of the delivery services you might need one by one.

Note, however, that if you need any additional services (not included in the package) or if the pregnancy is complicated, you will need to pay extra.

When purchasing a pregnancy package, make sure to ask your healthcare providers what exactly is included in the package.

Note that private hospitals may often add on services to your package at extra cost, sometimes failing to notify you. This may include extra nursing care for the mother, additional medication, extra meals, and more.

When you are checking out of the hospital, make sure to go over all the costs with your healthcare provider and check if you have received all the services in your final bill.

Pregnancy costs: what to expect

If you don't have insurance that covers most of the standard delivery costs, you may see the costs for related services add up quickly. In addition to the delivery costs, you will need to factor in the cost of various tests (ultrasounds, fetal tests, etc.) and regular check-ups.

If you have insurance, then all your routine check-ups should be covered - but it's always a good idea to check with your insurance company ahead of time.

The cost of your pregnancy package depends on the hospital you choose and on the services that you want to be included.

For instance, the cost of the standard baby delivery package (normal labour) starts at THB 94,900. If the mother needs a C-section, the cost of the package will go up to THB 132,900.

Public or private hospital in Thailand?

As we've mentioned above, most expats opt for a private hospital when having a baby in Thailand.

Choosing a private hospital offers a greater level of convenience - though, at a higher price. At private hospitals, you will find shorter lines, more attentive services, and more English-speaking doctors, nurses, and midwives. You will also have additional perks like comfortable rooms, better food, the right of the father to assist in labor and more.

With that, a lot of doctors in Thailand divide their time between working in both public and private hospitals. In this sense, the quality of healthcare you receive at a private or public hospital will not be substantially different.

If you don't have the budget for a private hospital, you can have a baby at one of Thailand's many public hospitals. As we've mentioned above, the quality of medical services provided in public hospitals is not in any way inferior to that offered in private hospitals.

However, you will probably be facing a lesser level of comfort, longer lines and waiting lists, and fewer options for finding English-speaking personnel.

You also won't be able to pick or change your doctor.

Another option for having a baby in Thailand is using a premium clinic. Premium clinics are part of public hospitals but offer a higher level of service.

In a premium clinic, you will be able to pick a doctor and the waiting times may also be shorter.

The cost of having a baby in a premium clinic will be higher compared to a public hospital - but not as high as in a private one.

Good to know:

Thai women may be eligible for the 30 Baht card, which gives them access to budget healthcare. If you are married to a native Thai woman, you may have access to free or discounted healthcare. In this case, each doctor's visit is free for up to five visits. The downsides are the same as with most free healthcare - long wait times and no option to pick your doctor.

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