Moving to Thailand from Australia - About Pension

Hi everyone,I am looking for some reliable advice,on moving to Thailand to retire,from some Australian Expats,and more specifically as far as receiving the Australian pension.

I have been told different stories from different people within Centrelink.I was told I had to comeback within 12 months or they will cut the pension out,others told me 6 months and another one told me there was no restrictions.

Would anybody from Australia who has already done this move be able to give me the right answers or point me in the right direction to a sure source of information?That would be greatly appreciated!

As a background information,I am turning 65 in June 2016,I own my own home (I was told my pension could be affected by that,even if it's not rented out),I now have a girlfriend in Thailand who is pregnant,but would rather live in Thailand.Any reliable info would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks!

I suggest that you read through the many informative posts on the forum first. Then post any specific questions you may have.

Pension will be cut as you need to come back after 6 months. There seems to be a move from Oz govt to stop any overseas pension payments. The idea being that you get the money in Oz and spend it there.The goal posts keep moving.

You will need a visa so you can retire in Thailand.

If you can, you should  get all Centrelink information in writing. Then it is official not just what somebody on the phone "thinks"  is right - to your eventual cost.

You will need a Retirment visa in Thailand and that requires 800,000 Baht in the bank for at least three months or evidence of an income or a mix of both. Check the details with Thai Immigration websites for any updates. You will need to renew your visa yearly and also report every 90 days to immigration. To leave and return to Thailand you will also need a re entry visa or multiple re entry visa or your retirment visa will be cancelled on exit. When you apply for your Ret Visa make sure your partner notifies the police that a farang is living in her house or you will cop another fine next time you renew the visa. They conveniently " forget"  to tell you that the first the time.

You will not be able to own land in your name but you can own the strata title on a Condo or even a house on someone else's land. Normally a 30 year lease with a renewable clause is sufficient. Needless to say if you go into any property arrangement with your girl friend you will need to have complete confidence in the relationship.

The old sage advice is " Never invest anything in Thailand that you cannot afford to walk away from."

Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks for the tips and I will definitely take on your advice!
Thanks again and please accept my best regards!

First of all, are you Australian born in Australia?
Secondly, you are entitled for overseas pension after 65 y.o. if you want to leave Australia, and live in Thailand.
Also, you can leave Australia for 6 months and receive Australian pension in full.

Hi Hirma, I am not Australian born,but I have been in the country since 1979 and eventually became a citizen.I am turning 65 in June this year and would preferably like to live in Thailand since my girlfriend doesn't want to move here.From what you tell me I would have to comeback to Australia after 6 months and then what happens?Can I go back to Thailand for another 6 months and is there a certain time that I have to stay in Australia in order not to loose the pension?
I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some pointers.
Thanks a million.  Pat

You need to live in Australia 35 years from the moment you entered it to you pension age - 65 y.o. As I understand, you will have it.
If you want to live full time in Thailand, you need to get VISA 0 (Retirement VISA) for 12 months, and extend it every 12 months. For the VISA you will need to show that you have combined money - pension and cash/bank investment ( but in Thai bank when you will want to extend VISA) - 800.000 baht.
If you will have any problems - contact Thai solicitors, they normally help for $1,000.
By Australian law, as a pensioner, you are allowed to be out of Country and receive full pension for 6 months. If you want to stay longer, you need to apply for Overseas pension for Aged Australians, and it will be paid, minus benefits for medicals, electrical, carbs - around $70.00. If you want this pension to go to your Thai bank account, Centrelink will send it only once a months (monthly amount).
But, if one day, you would like to go back to Australia, its O'K, Centrelink will renew back all benefits, but you will never be able to retire overseas again.

You have to be in Australia on your 65 y.o. A day after you can go to Thailand. I made Retirement Visa O-A in Australia via Thai Embassy in Canberra. You can do it too - it will give you 12 months VISA.
But before you do it, think twice - rentals are expensive in Thailand - villa home about $420 per week. Electricity is expensive - $120.00 per month, and you have to pay for water too.
There is no practically beef, only chickens and pork. And very hot weather - everywhere.
International Department at Centrelink (located in Hobart) will give you a full information.

Did you mean $420 per month?

No, darling, PER WEEK!
Also languaguage problem is enormous - its already 3 days nobody  (3 plumbers came, all thais) can fix a very trivial problem - sink drainage!!!

I think you need to start by looking at the following link to get reliable info about your pension.  Perhaps you already have seen the site. … ustralians

In regard to Irma's rent cost I am sure you know very nice places can be had for much less.  Electric usage will depend on how much you run air conditioners.

Interesting that I seen a post stating $420 a week or 12600 baht to rent I presume for the an very upmarket apartment. My first 6 months living in Thailand I paid $1000 total for a fully furnished terrace, or 30000 baht. Moved into a 2 bedroom terrace, 5000 baht a month or $166 a month. 3Rd place much smaller 1 bedroom 3000 baht or $100 a month. In Phuket a tourist area which are more expensive areas to live.

All conversations are at $1aus to 30 baht.

Hi it's very interesting that you have written that cause I actually need help!!
I am 28 years old and I have 3 children, I am an Australian citizen but was born in Italy.
I have a brother that works and lives in Phuket he has no issues staying in the country as he has a very good job and the company he works for looks after all his visa requirements. He has been living there for 11 years. He also has a Thai partner and a son that is half Thai.
What would I need to move to Thailand?
I'm looking at the consulate information that's telling me I need a company or certain amount of money on the bank.
I will have a substantial amount of money because I am diving asserts with my husband and going our separate ways. I just don't know where to turn and what bisa I need for me and my kids. The money will be more then enough for years or until I can get a job.
So is moving to Thailand a possibility for me?
I would greatly appreciate any help thank you

thats not quite correct - a rental search will show AUD 660 a MONTH for a 2 bedroom house - depends on where one plans to live.

Hi  Anyone considering leaving Australia to live in Thailand may find this link useful:-

Hi...Talking of leaving Australia to live in Thailand, if you are a pom and receiving UK pensions, both state pensions and Private pensions as I am, there are a few things you should consider,  you are probably aware of the rigmarole you have to go through to satisfy the UK Taxation office that someone, somewhere, is going to stop tax on your megre pension(s)....  once you have established this you would loathe to upset it...I would rather have my toenails pulled out than go through that, it may pay you to maintain your annual Australian tax return, I arrived in Australia aged 45, so, I only have 20 years of working years in Australia, you would be well served to seek out a switched on accountant in Australia before going too far down the "living in Thailand" path. I receive 10,600AUD less because of this, but it still pays me to live in Thailand.
all the best