Personal pension tax advice

Hi all,

I am about to cash in my personal pension with AVIVA, and have a very important question that i need answering if possible-any help would be greatly appreciated!

When i cash in my personal pension, i will receive 25% tax free allowance from the uk, my question is do i need to declare this cash to the polish tax authorities?/

I have already been informed by HMRC that my pension pot is ONLY taxed in the uk, because thats the law as i started the pension in the uk and im assuming because they also contributed with payments throughout its term.

The 75% of this payment is taxed by hmrc, this i understand, just unsure about the free 25% allowance--if anybody knows this answer i would be very grateful as very hard to find this info anyway(hmrc taking a age to reply ?/)

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@ANDYANDANIA123 Hello Andrew,

Welcome !

I think a tax advisor might best guide you :

Did you find any info till now ?



No info as yet, just a small question nobody seems to know the answer as yet-last resort wil contact the polish tax office for clarification!