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Talking about taxation probably isn't the most exciting task on your to-do list when you move abroad. But once you're settled and worked a little on your tan, you might want to make sure all is well as your formally become a tax resident of your new home country. Things can get quite complicated when understanding expat taxes abroad.

Making the right financial decisions as a expat is critical for success in a new country and its easy to make mistakes and difficult to find trusted contacts in a foreign language. Expatriates have the added complication of having to deal with the tax rules for more than one country at a time, when global tax scrutiny is at its highest. There may be some concessions to look forward to, however getting it wrong can lead to an unwelcome and unexpected tax bill for you or your heirs.

Who is the service for?

The service is designed for those who have any of the following

  • Liability to wealth tax
  • Liability to death tax in their home country and/or country of residence
  • Children whom have liability to death taxes in their country of residence
  • Ownership of investments / assets outside your home country and/or country of residence
  • An unclear succession plan

Why effective tax planning is so important

When it comes to savings and investments, is your main objective to preserve your wealth, provide an income or generate growth? Perhaps it is all three? How do you complete a tax return or should you find someone to do all the heavy lifting for you?

Whatever the answers, tax planning plays an important role in protecting and making the most of what you have. There are numerous benefits to strategic tax planning, especially for expatriates who have cross-border considerations. Its important to understand double taxation agreements and what the benefits are in both countries.

It's easy to get DIY tax planning wrong, especially with the regulatory goalposts changing all the time. Getting it wrong can not only lead to an unwelcome and unexpected tax bill for you or your heirs, you could end up facing a tax investigation. It is important to make sure your tax planning is not done in isolation or as an afterthought - it should be a fundamental part of your investment, pensions, estate planning and overall wealth management approach.

What are the potential benefits?

There's nothing to lose from claiming your free financial review, but potentially lots to gain. In the worst case scenario, the adviser will tell you that you're already in the best position with nothing to improve your current situation. In most cases however, there will be at least one aspect area of advice to enhance your financial planning.

The adviser will provide you verbally with the specific topics that can be improved, thereafter to provide you with a written report detailing how this can be done. This report is provided to you free of charge in collaboration with

  • Learn what can be done to reduce your wealth tax liability
  • How to plan for your succession & minimise 'Death' taxes for you and your family
  • Understand tax efficient savings & investments are open to you in the open market
  • Fully independent & regulated advice to give you full peace of mind
  • No obligation report provide summarising your options in black and white

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