Ban finished

Hi guys. I overstayed my visa in turkey in 2015 I didn't have the money to pay the fine and I agreed to a ban. I was handed a 5 year ban which ended in 2020. It's now 3 years later since the ban finished, can I now come back ?

@Anna Maria 79 I think it is best to still check at an embassy/consulate in your country to be 100% sure. Theoretically, there should not be a problem, but I still would check if I were you.

Hi thanks for your reply. I have called the embassy and consulate in London on numerous occasions also emailed but they keep banging on about what to do when I am still banned, and not about what I do now the ban is actually finished. I'm flying into saw next Thursday for cosmetic surgery I'm worried 😟 @abodeistanbul

@The Abode Istanbul also what happens too the fine I was unable too pay back in 2015 😅

@Anna Maria 79 well, not sure about that but that is why you have got such a long ban, for non-payment of the fine. Do you remember the amount?

@The Abode Istanbul it wasn't much maybe £30 it was 3 days over

@Anna Maria 79 oh, I see. It is very strange you got a 5 year ban for such a small amount to be honest,

@Anna Maria 79  you paid the fine with the ban , actually I don't know , if you're from a country that applies for visa, then apply for one , if it gets rejected then you know it's longer , I got absconded and banned for 6 months from UAE but after the 6 months I applied for a visa and it got rejected , meaning  my ban was still on going

@elchyna256 I'm from England I don't need a visa to travel to turkey

@The Abode Istanbul yes weird. Will I pay the fine when I arrive in Istanbul?

My ban is definitely finished it says on the paper they gave me 2020 finished

@Anna Maria 79 oh, No you're not paying the fine because you got a ban as a a penalty, if the consulate of Turkey won't give you any information, then Just travel in ready for both consequences ( letting you enter Turkey or refusing you, the latter will be less likely )

@elchyna256 thank you. I think I pay fine and all is good 👍

@The Abode Istanbul so I flew into Istanbul saw yesterday. Passport control stamped my passport and that was it, no fine. Now I'm here enjoying Istanbul 😊