Residence permit cancelled

My residence premit was cancelled because i could not pay the fees at my university for one semester, i have been studying in istanbul for the past two years. i was caught by police and they gave me 30 days to leave the country. if i leave the country and apply for visa again will i get it? it is very important for me to get the visa because  3 semesters of my degree is left. please inform if anyone has been in a similar situation. thank you


Sorry to hear.

Have you since paid the fees?

If you do and get a letter from the university to that effect, also stating that you are an exceptional student that hasnt missed any classes, then that may go in your favour. Personal letters from your lecturers probably will also help. Bit appreciate that it would have been the university that called the police.

However, my personal view is that, because the police were involved, that your passport details will be held by customs and you will be barred from entering Turkey.

Once back in your own country you will have to take this up with the Turkish embassy or consulate and see what they say.

@hussainm it is never know for sure (anytime someone guarantees that, that's a fraud), but statistics say Turkey DOES give visa quite easily in your case. So no need to panic :)

I have to understand Turkey, you have to pay, if not please go, Turkey has not to pay for foreign students.

@marktmorgan I'll be paying the fees once I get my visa, I am leaving back for my own country in a couple of days. Fingers crossed, lets see what happens.

@Greg Karelin hopefully that will be the case, thank you for the optimism


I think youve got it the wrong way around.


1)  pay the outstanding bill

2) apply for a new visa supplying confirmation of the bill being paid.

3) keep your fingers crossed

How did your parents take the news?