Getting visa again right after expiration of Ikamet? Any ideas?

Hello there,

the Ikamet of our kids is about to expire next week. We don't want to extent it due to needing all the documents again according to our göc idaresi. That's a pain for us and we planned to pay the fine when we leave the country in 2-3 months.

I read somewhere that there is an option to leave the country just before expiration and get back into the counter after the expiration of ikamet to get a new visa, is that correct?

Please let me know if you need any more infos for a more detailed answer.

Thank you!

If you are looking to renew your residence permit in Turkey and have previously applied, you can utilize the same documents from your initial application. However, it's essential to ensure that you have updated photocopies of documents such as your children's apostilled birth certificates, your marriage certificate, and other relevant documents like proof of address, Turkish bank statements, and utility bills in your name.

For those holding a tourist residence permit, you'll need to provide details about your travel plans and bookings.

The renewal process is more straightforward than the initial application, but it's critical to leave Turkey before your current permit expires. Failing to do so can result in a ban from entering Turkey for three to six months and a fine ranging from 5000 to 7000 Turkish lira per person.

Renewing your residence permit is advisable if you wish to continue living in Turkey. Ensure you bring photocopies of the original documents and take both versions.

Consider engaging a trusted agency to assist with the renewal process. If you do not renew your residence permits and leave Turkey before they expire, your ability to return immediately will depend on your nationality and the entitlements it provides. Failing to renew your residence permits may prevent you from obtaining another one in the near future unless you purchase property.

Thank you for trying to help, but that's not an answer to my question. We know the whole process of renewing the ikamet.

We are asking when we can get a visa again after the ikamet expires and if there is something like a "visa / border run" option for us?

Might wanna read the initial response as I have addressed your question.

I see that you had several questions, and I provided detailed answers to address each one of them. I also explained the process that needs to be followed before or after your residence permit expires. However, I am unsure why you would want to cheat the system to stay in Turkey.

Therefore, I disagree with your reasoning, for instance, a family of three should take at least 15 to 20 minutes to put their documents together for a renewal. I am perplexed why that would be pain or a challenging process. That's why I elaborated on the question between the lines.

All the best to you!

@atilla1 I do not understand your issue, do you live here or intend to live here, where are you from, are finances a problem? Life can be easy, but from your posts I do not understand the source of your issue.

I just solved the question myself.

The question was if we can leave the country before the expiration of ikamet and come back here right after the expiration date and get a new 3 months touristic visa.

I was at the göc idare office and they told me that this works. So leave the country 1-2 days before the expiration date and enter the country 1-2 days after to get a new visa.

Why have I asked this initially? Because we want to stay 2-3 more months and therefor don't need the whole procedure of the ikamet process again.

This way, we can get additional 3 months without to have to pay fine for overstaying.

Hope this helps someone else too when searching for a similar question.

Hello Atilla1, i found your post very useful.

is three months tourist visa, the one stamped on passport when enter turkey in airport?

or you mean three months tourist visa applied on line and get it?


I'm referring to getting a stamp into the passport, thats what the worker at göc idaresi told me.

@atilla1 I find it quite amusing that your response echoes what I had initially mentioned in my first post and then reiterated in my follow-up when you suggested that your question wasn't answered. Although your process is correct, it appears that you did not take the time to read any of the previous posts, further inquiries, or other threads on this topic.

Answer: If you do not renew your residence permits and leave Turkey before they expire, your ability to return immediately will depend on your nationality and the entitlements it provides.

This is an open-ended question. It means that if you are from a country like South Africa and you can obtain an e-visa, you can leave Turkey and immediately return to get another 30-180 day period depending on your nationality and visa entitlements. However, if you are from the Philippines, you cannot leave and immediately return. You would need to obtain a new manual visa from and go through the process either in your home country or in a country where the Turkish Embassy will process it without a valid residency permit, such as Georgia or Germany in some cases. If you are from Europe or the USA, you can leave and re-enter immediately and obtain a 90-180-day visa exemption or e-visa.

Certain nationalities might face difficulties (cost) while crossing Turkiye's land borders due to the unavailability of visas for countries such as Iraq, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria. In such cases, the only option is to take a direct flight to a destination and back, which can be a less feasible solution for most people doing border runs with an expired or about-to-expire residence permit.

Most people would have read my post and replied with their nationality, and I would have responded correctly based on their nationality.

FYI: You can obtain a new entry stamp in Turkey without technically leaving. You just need to know which land crossing allows this process and what documents allow you to go this route.

@atilla1 Thanks for the information, very useful.

I'm not sure why the other poster is "amused" I could not see an answer to your question in his post, just advice and warnings on the Ikamet process.

Anyway, thanks 👍🏼

@Slim1398 Here it is again :)

Answer: If you do not renew your residence permits and leave Turkey before they expire, your ability to return immediately will depend on your nationality and the entitlements it provides.

The answer to this question varies depending on an individual's nationality or the type of passport they hold. It's important to note that not all individuals are eligible for an e-visa or visa exemption to return immediately as he is stating. It's written here: and

Leaving before the expiration of their permit and returning immediately is not for everyone, is what were clarifying for other readers.

Most people overlook the 10-day grace period. Officers often penalize overstays on the second departure. Be cautious with your calculations.