Traveling with expired permesso di soggiorno from Turkey to Italy

I would like to know if someone had an experience of traveling with expired italian permesso di soggiorno from Turkey to Italy. Can i fly from Turkey to Italy (direct flight) with post office receipt of renewal of permesso di soggiorno if I am not a turkish citizen. I would like to have a vacation for a week in Turkey, but I am not sure if i can do that.

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I am currently studying in Italy, and I wanted to fly to Istanbul for a week. For now my "permesso di soggiorno" is expired and I am renewing it. So my question is: Am I allowed to fly from Istanbul to Italy if my permesso is expired but i have the post office receipt "ricevuta" and I am not a turkish citizen. I am from Kazakhstan.

While you have the post office receipt that should be ample, in certain cases you are also issued a letter stating that you are in process of receiving the new documents. You may want to check for those too.
It should not be an issue traveling back to Italy, though it always helps to double check with the authorities in Italy before buying a ticket
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hiiiii!!!now i have the same problem with you i want to how your trip going?are you back to italy successfully?
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Hi, did you travel to turkey with your renewal reciept? please share your experience…  thanks

No  i didnt...