90 day or 180 day entry ban?

Hello All, I overstayed my 90 day tourist visa by 57 days (so I stayed 90+57 days). British passport. I had lodged an application for a short term residents permit but I left Turkiye 11 days before the appointment was due, to return home. I was fined 5,500 TL at Istanbul and paid the fine. I thought I would be banned from returning for 90 days, but I have found out from the immigration centre in Ankara that I am banned for 180 days! Is that correct? Thanks all.

To clarify, you overstayed your visa to a sovereign nation by more than half of the time your visa was valid for. A crime for which, in your own country, a foreigner who does the same would face an exclusion for 1-10 years, and you're on here expressing astonishment that you could be banned for six months?

Are you so entitled and do you have such little regard for the laws of other nations that you can't see how absurd that would be to others? Do you not understand that by overstaying your visa in one country, that any other country is likely to deny you a visa in the first place?

Hmm, yes i agree, however there was a reason for overstaying which i wont put here.  Information I received was that as long as a resident permit application was lodged, I was allowed to remain in Turkiye while the permit was processed. it seems that is not the case.

my understanding is the return ban should be 90 not 180 days in this case.


That is correct, similar situation (I have my reasons too, to why I overstayed) and I was banned for 6 months and paid about 4,500 lira at the airport. Rules are rules!  The ban depands on how many days you overstayed. 

@azmarina91 thanks for that, and good luck to you :)

Did you also have a short term resident application in place, and waiting for an appointment? As my understanding was that made a difference in terms of a ban or not. Thank you.   


I finished my 6 months ban, came back, applied for Ikamet, and got my Ikamet😊



Happy Living, enjoy your new life!  I can't wait to call Turkey my new home.

@kateomholgate yes that's the law now.


The infringement of legal stay rules are subject to administrative, monetary and sometimes criminal sanctions in Turkey. Migration Management is granted a wide margin of appreciation to impose an entry ban after relevant sanctions as well.