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Hello. I am wondering if I can attend Tomer Turkish Courses and enter Turkey with " Turkish Language Course " Visa?

After I finished my Tomer lesson, I'll register university to study?

Or is it necessary to receive "Acceptance Letter" from my home country and apply for the Student Certificate – Öğrenci Belgesi and then enter Trukey with this visa?

Hope to get more insights about it! Thanks!

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Where are you from?

While waiting for other members to assist you, I advise you to start looking for information here > Turkish Language Course Visa Program

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Since February 2022, the link above has been outdated and won't work. It's expensive, and a student permit only costs TL356. Plus, you'll need insurance, a notary, a translation, a lease agreement, and a university admission letter [total fees paid], which will be higher for May admission dates now that March is over.

The only way to come to Turkey on a TOMER Language Visa is to contact the University, in this example case, Ankara TOMER, apply, pay the admission fee, and then apply for a student visa at the Turkish Embassy in your home country. Then the process will begin once your visa is approved and you are on your way to Turkey. Then, within 20 days of your arrival, you can apply for a student permit.

The other option is to apply to a Turkish college/university and get an associate's degree or master's degree. If you do this, you won't need a student visa from the Turkish embassy because you'll be an adult student who can easily enroll and pay tuition by coming to Turkey with a valid tourist visa and requesting a student permit.

This is the best way. Say it was a program in engineering, dentistry, or sociology. The first 6 months are spent in the TOMER language program, designed to help you pass the A1/A2 equivalency test.

The language visa or permit usually lasts 6-12 months, while the associate or master's degree programs issue anywhere from 1 to 4 years of student permits.

I hope that helps.


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