Overstaying in Turkey and Ways to Resolve it

If someone is overstaying in Turkey, can he stop deportation by buying a property in Turkey?

My take on this is:

If you apply for Ikamet before your current (tourist?) visa expires, get the approval and all documents from the local municipal office then your visa can be changed. This may take weeks or even months.

Just buying a property doesn't automatically entitle you to residency, you will also need medical insurance (not cheap!) and be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself

Others with more knowledge will be along to give better advice.

I have no sympathy for people who are overstaying, why did you not buy in time and have things arranged.

Of course with enough cash things are possible. still why did you overstay? You know the rules.

I am sad

In and out Greece and Bulgaria

Come on.Visa overstay is hard to do.

If you have excuse, they may extend it.

Do not do in the States you may get 10 years ban ( no visa for USA 10 years)

But Turkiye has fines and joke penalties.