Has anyone here applied for a schengen visa for a family member?

I'm a non-EU family member (spouse) of a Romanian citizen. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience applying for schengen visa inside Romania for a non-EU family member? Asking because I'm afraid the usual bureaucracy or that they may ask something that is not even necessary to the application.

We've secured a schedule for a Schengen visa application in the German embassy in Bucharest. We already know that you can travel together by land (as we've did last year, going from Arad to Budapest and then to Vienna and Hamburg), but we are sick of long and expensive train rides and would rather fly from Timisoara out. We were wondering if they would need things like flight ticket reservations or hotel reservations. I know they shouldn't as we are activating my Romanian husband's right to travel- and we are staying with friends so we do not have hotel reservations, and they are not supposed to ask for employment papers, bank statements and invitation letter/ hotel reservations. But we are afraid of what if's- if they ask for these documents, since we are going from Arad to Bucharest and that's a good 11 hours overnight on the train and it would be a nightmare if we'd go there and they'd ask unnecessary things- we're just used to Romanian bureaucracy so we expect something going wrong :/

Hope someone can share their experience!

@natsv  hi can ask you some questions

@natsv hi can ask you some questions

Does it have anything to do with the opening post? Then No, please start a new topic with the questions you have.

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Well since no one replied- I wanted to give an update on this for people who might need info.

Smooth process at the embassy- I only gave what was required (but I had prepared other papers such as travel itineraries/flight reservations just in case), which was just my passport, photo, residence card and my husband's id, and our marriage certificate. I only had trouble getting prints because I have sweaty hands.

To our surprise, it was issued even in the same day- unfortunately, I found out on the train back to Arad, so had to have it picked up and delivered by courier instead.

Hope this helps anyone who might be wondering about the process.

@natsv Thanks for sharing that update. I'm sure it will be useful to others.