Volunteer work


I have just moved to jakarta from India.

I am a qualified montessori and english phonetics teacher.

I would like to do some voluntary teaching work.

Can anyone help me with some leads.

It needs to be close to Mega Kuningan .

Thank you.

Be careful and be sure to tell immigration what you are intending to do, who for, and when.

I did this for a while with immigration's blessing because I kept them informed and they didn't mind me earning a little here and there as long as I wasn't doing it too often.

Whatever they say goes - unless the police butt in

Ok1f44d.svg.Thank you so much.Will keep it in mind.I wasn't expecting to be paid when I  meant voluntary.I do appreciate you cautioning me though.

The money, or lack of it, has nothing to do with anything.

The working is.

Imigrasi is really concerned about. They visited me twice at home, but as I didn't work, just made excursions, reading and tanning on balcony (by this they "caught" me twice), I wasn't worried. They were nice, polite, checked my documents and left.

Be honest, they understand