Non-Family Dependent

I've requested--emailed and called the consulate in Raleigh--information regarding visa requirements for the non-family dependent of the holder of a permanent resident visa.

While I wait (in vain?) for a response from Raleigh, I'm posing my query here in the hopes that someone may offer some insight.

I'm a foreign language teacher, retired with physical disability, but otherwise in excellent health. I meet the financial requirements for a permanent residency visa and plan to move to Yucatán with my trained live-in caregiver, for whom I will be financially responsible.

My caregiver is not my parent, spouse, or child; we have no familial relationship. Separately, he does not yet meet the financial reqs for temp residency; while he does work remotely, he does not yet have the 12 mos straight. How may he legally stay in Mexico with me and take care of my needs?

Thank you in advance for any insight!


The Mexican Tourist Visas can be up to 180 days at a time; although not ideal, there is always the option of leaving and renewal.  I can PM you with other options for assistance


Yes, thank you, Brian!. Although, as you say, not ideal, my caregiver could theoretically get the 180 days, leave while someone steps in to help, and return under a temporary residency visa.