Questions regarding the Visa Procedure

Hello, I'm a Turkish citizen and I have some questions regarding the application form and I have ne one to ask. If I make any mistake in the application, I have to apply again and the visa fee is too high in Turkey so I have to get it done in one try.

Me and my partner are coming to Belgium for a NGO's festival (we contacted through “workaway”) and we will be  volunteering for the NGO  and they will provide us shelter and food.

1-So, I have selected the option cultural and sports activies instead of tourism for the visa. Is this correct?

2-If yes, what should i pick in the “host or accomodation” question? “Hotel or temporary accomodation” or “person”? We will be staying at the tents with all of the volunteers.

2.1- If the answer is “person”, what should we do in the question “ Has the inviting person signed an official document with a commitment that charge will be taken and has this document been validated by the host country?”

3- My last question is, the application form asks if I'm travelling in a group. My partner and I will be travelling, so are we considered as a “group”?

Thank you so so so much for your time!

although I have no experience with Sport/Culture visa. But in general, i think it will be more or less the same.

  1. Indeed, the visa duration depends on your purpose. As a tourist, you might prove your trip and accomodations as well. An attestation from the NGO agency is needed in case you selected Sport/Culture…
  2. Your NGO is the host + provides accomodation, they should give you a certified letter stating that.

       2.1 If I invite my family to Belgium, I am a host. I sign a paper written by myself that I invite my family and I take care all of their charges and I accomodate them as well at my home address :)

It could be a group/families in case of going together it means appointments could be made at the same time nor application submission.