civil registry vs foreign registry ( b card / l card)

Hello. There have been lots of discussions on B card vs L card already.

applying for B card SEEMS safer cause they might accept it a bit more readily than the   L card (as I was on onsite assignment for couple years).

but I see that B card grants access to foreign registry but L card gives access to civil registry. What does this mean actually?

if I have PR (B or L).. I don't need an employer sponsor to get a job anymore right? Or does it depend on which type of card I have ?

I see this was not answered earlier. thanks for your useful insight. huge thanks.

The B and L cards both grant you permanent residence in Belgium. So you will not need a sponsor anymore to access the job market. However, the L card has much better advantages. The L card is valid for 10 years vs 5 years for a B card. You can deregister from Belgium while still maintaining your permanent resident status for double the amount of time on a L card (i think it was upto 2 years). And most importantly, the L card is transferrable to other EU countries that allow it.

B card has no deadline to be approved and its upto the ministry to decide. While L card has clear deadline and clear criterias.

@anindya17 L card doesn't grant you permanent residence across the EU. Some countries grant you relaxed work permit requirements but you still need a work permit! For instance, Netherlands grants you unlimited work authorization after 12 months of being on a work permit.

And non EU countries (EFTA countries) don't recognise the L card either. For instance, you cannot work/reside in Switzerland based on L card of Belgium.

Hello anyone know the benefits of civil registry?