Can Al Rajhi Bank hold my EOSB for remaining loan?


Can the bank take my EOSB to pay my remaining loan amount or can I withdraw the EOSB?

They can hold it.  This is standard and is one of the conditions of the loan.  Your company is also supposed to notify them about EOSB so that they can use that to settle the loan.


Good day,

I need some advise.

I left KSA last feb 7, 2023. with final exit visa and my EOSB was deposit by my employer to my bank acct feb 6, 2023 they showed me a receipt as well for the said transaction. But unfortunately not credited or reflect to my accnt. Before departure I called customer service of the bank and they told me that there was a sytem problem that day in regatds to incoming transfer.I wait until now and its not yet credited as I checked on my bank apps. I have loan on that bank but my EOSB is more than enough to cover the remaining balance and there should be a remaining amount for me. My employer told me that the bank will settle and deduct the loan and deposit the remaining on my acct. But until now when i checked in my bank apps still showing my existing loan balance and 0 to my current account. It's been 2 weeks already and i sent numerois email to the bank but no reply....How long usually bank settle for this? And im worry as well because my remaining loan still reflect and not yet cleared.

There is something wrong.  It should not take this long.  Forget emails, no one will bother to reply.  Call them and try to lodge a complaint.   Get a copy of the receipt that your employer showed you.

Raise a complaint to the central bank and they will act immediately