Meet up in Jordan (Feb 2023)

Hello everybody =)

My wife and me are going to travel trough Jordan in a few days and would LOVE to meet other people. We have a high interest in moving around, getting to know the country with it's people, sport, coffee, jordan food and good conversations.

Saskia and I are teacher, speaking englisch, spanish and german, trying to learn some arab frases...

Anybody interested?

Best regards Thomas

Hello Thommy A.

Welcome to Expat.com1f601.svg

You should definitely drop an advert in the Jordan classifieds section.

There is a dedicated category for activities.

All the best,

Cheryl team

Hallo Thomas,

Habe deine Anzeige leider jetzt erst gesehen. Wäre schön gewesen, Bekanntschaft in Jordanien zu machen. Sicherlich seid ihr -wie ich1f613.svg- wieder zurück in Deutschland. Aber vielleicht ergibt sich ja noch einmal eine Gelegenheit zum Austausch oder auch Treffen in Jordanien?! Bin selbst, wenn alles gut geht, Ende März nochmal dort.

Auch sonst wäre es schön, voneinander zu hören. Entspanntes Wochenende!

Grüße aus Thüringen,


Hello Sally,

We appreciate that you are trying to help Thommy A. However, this is an English speaking forum and members are advised to write solely in English1f609.svg

I thank you for your understanding,

Yoginee team

@Thommy A. Hi Thomas I am interested

@Thommy A.

You are most welcome to Jordan.

I'm a Jordanian female and I live in Amman. However, I studied abroad, and  I had a British education.

I would love to get to know people. Therefore I would like to meet your wife and you.