Travelling with an Annex 49 to Germany

I have my work permit issued but as all of you do , i am also waiting for an annex46 for get new residence card .

i have an annex 49.

I need to visit Koln by highway.But i dont have a valid residence card.

As i do visit many times France and  Netherland  by car  and do not seen any police control  while crossing the border.

I have never travelled to Germany  with car before.

Do you guys have had an experince if there is a police control ?

My route is  over Maasmechelen - Netherland - Koln

In worst case if police asks my card annex49 would help me?

Thanks for your answers.

How long have you been in Belgium. You are on a D visa now ?

3 years. No visa.Only  A type  residence card.

@Aneesh Hi ! I had recently my Annex 46, and now i'm applying for Visa D.

Once i get my Visa D, i m willing to stay only 1 week on a hotel in brussels, and register in a commune to have my annex 49.

After that, i want to go to Paris and stay there, till i start working- after 2 months- .

Did that cause a problem to my annex 49/ residence in brussels ?

Please i need a help. Thank youu !

It is better to stay in Brussels and do your residence permit formalities before you start travelling around :)

@Meriem O when you first move to Belgium, you need to report to a Belgian city hall within 8 days after arrival.  Because the waiting times at Belgian city halls are very long. After registration at the city hall a local police officer will visit your flat to verify that you are really living there. Once the police officer gives a positive approval to the city hall you will need to go a 2nd time to the city hall to complete the administration process. So you need to be in Belgium to complete whole process.