Planning to spend Holidays in Thailand with Family

I am planning to spend next year January in Thailand with my wife & kids, need some info like:

  • Weather in Jan in top visiting destinations of Thailand?
  • Is it a good idea to select Thailand while traveling with Kids less than 10, things are safe there & activities available for kids?
  • Are there any covid related restrictions while coming from Saudi Arabia?
  • Any recommendation - Must-visit places?


January is best time of the year - hot but not as hot as say April/May/June - and (usually) less rain.

No - not recommended for kids under 10 - unless you stay in a 4/5 star resort and they dont leave property.

You can get vaccinations - but IMO it is not safe for very young kids - nowhere in SEAsia is.

If you want Asia (weather etc) then try Japan, Korea or Singapore - they are fairly safe for kids.

No covid restrictions but you will be expected to wear a mask indoors in public (but not mandatory).

Not with under 10 kids - stay on a 4/5 star resort on Phuket or Samui is my advice.

Unsure why would you not consider thailand a safe place for 10 year olds. It really depends on where you go? He said Thailand, and for me, plenty of parts of Thailand are very safe. If you end up going to stay in a hotel near the red light district, then of course it's not safe. But that's more based on the area of your hotel, rather than the county as a whole in my opinion.

Sorry,but you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to small children in Thailand. How long have you been here,if you're really staying here, and where have you been? Before I settled down here many years ago, I was in and out of the country every year 2-3 months since 1989. During the mid 90's people started coming with small kids mostly because you could visit many places by air. You can take a 3 year old anywhere you want in Thailand,any island or on the mainland as long as there's a nice place to stay. Where did you come up with the idea that Thailand isn't safe for small kids? You can see small kids in every tourist spot in Thailand including Pattaya/Jomtien. Don't post crap about things you don't know anything about. It doesn't help anyone.

@bagpad True.  But I am not talking about 'safe' meaning no danger of assault or robbery etc - Thailand is very safe in that regards. 

I am talking about the bugs and bacteria and tropical diseases that are prevalent in SEAsia.  Sure, the odds are low if you stick to the main cities, but even there kids are kids and they will put their hands where adults know not to, and eat/drink what they should not.  IMO it is not worth that risk for U10s - the kids who catch something bad in SEAsia (or Africe and Sth America) are often damaged for life medically. Both my parents were in medicine and they warned me about that many years ago.  I warned one bloke who did not listen - his young daughter caught something in St America - she was in a hospital there for a month and another 2 back here.  She has reciovered as best she can - but her life has been badly damaged. 

@Leeds forever! You are obviously very opinionated and have a clear anger issue mate. Read my last post and stop being such an insulting troll. I have visited Thailand many times (and many other countries), and I lived in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with my Thai wife for almost 5 years all up.  We Just got back from visiting the family and we are going back there soon too.  I just did a quick search and found this - do the research yourself if you dont believe me:

@wsmhagazi hello.i live here 11 years.what you need just tell me. believe and trust me.

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Hello tehrann1212,

Thank you for trying to help!

However, for your own safety, I advise you not to share your contact details on the forum.

Yoginee team

@wsmhagazi why dont you ask a travel agent or Google yourself all this informations, instead of writing all this requests waiting that others do the job for you and in a free of charge way. It doesn't seem to be a correct way to act.

We or at least I have spent money and years (more than 43)  to discover and find my way to travel and live abroad and not just to give all this experience to someone that can't even understand if Thailand is a safe tourist country or not.

Take your plane and go and discover things on your own skin, not on skin of others.

Bye bye

@AussieBob99 and who can assure you everywhere in the world that you or your kids could not get sick, this happens in Europe, in America, in Asia, wherever and insects or virus can be everywhere as well as sicknesses, and if you are not able to control your kids then stay home and that's it. And by the way kids make their immunity right touching and putting hands in mouth right after. If you keep them isolated they will never build antibodies...

And last point is: Do you know that in whole Asia there are women that make kids and they grow here exactly like happens where you come from ...?

When Covid 19 begun for more than 1 year Thailand had only 3000 infected persons and only 97 lost life....

This because people here are careful and still now wear masks in spite of all tourist foreigners that arrive and never wear masks even in the public transportation system spreading their breath arround by talking loughing and coughing all the time.

Have a good time byebye

@wsmhagazi my children have been visiting Thailand from 18 months old and they are adults now(in their 30's) and they have never had any issues at all in Thailand. Just search the internet for the information you require. Everyone has their own opinion on a particular place, particularly on forums like this. Do your research and make your decision based on that, you will be fine.👍🏻

Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, is at the top of the list of places to visit with children.

Exploring Bangkok's unique markets will be a fun activity for both kids and adults.

You might find this site helpful ****** If you want to spend quality time with your children, plan a trip to Chiang Mai. It is a city in northern Thailand that is all about relaxing and being one with nature.

You might find this site helpful too in travel restrictions

Have a blast vacay!

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